Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two Universes and Paralympians

This was me one week ago.
Classical architecture, Virginia charm wedding. Sparklers. J Crew dresses. Cowboy boots. Salsa bar. 8-piece band.

This is me this morning.
Beans and rice and beans and rice. 100 million degrees. Wake up naturally at 6 due to early sunrise. First day of school. Where were you last spring? Miami. Boston. Montreal. Miami, Miami, Miami. White polos still unstained, markers still have tops. Learning names like Rackel, Cannelle, Anais, Loic, Axel, Nastassja. Boris asks to be called Bobo?! I am taking photos of the opening assembly for the school blog. Drivers arrive at 12 to pick up the students.

I exist in two universes. Will I become a Third Culture Kid/Adult?
Teachers at our last morning meeting during teacher training week. In the center there you can see everybody's favorite Australian on campus, our new high school principal Rod. Bearded Tony's in the background, telling a funny story.
The campus is beautiful in the early morning light.
My favorite part of campus is walking under this bouganvilla.
 New paint for the whole school.
The amputee soccer team was back on Saturday for more practice. Apparently they are preparing to attend the Paralympics in South America soon. So, so inspiring.
Can you imagine life after an amputation? I can't.
The players all have one leg, but the goalies have only one arm.
Such brave guys.

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  1. Wow...talk about Culture.Shock. whew! You guys really do live in two totally different universes. At least you have each other to experience this with...someone who has walked in both worlds and can relate to you. Thank the Lord for marriage! Oh and yes, you will definitely be a third culture kid (kind of like MKs!)

    Love you guys!



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