Friday, August 13, 2010

Soccer With 1 Leg

Things are really shaping up. Ben decorated his first bulletin board ever :)

I love my classroom and can't wait to have kids in it. Our high school classes are getting really full- over 25 kids in 3 out of 4 grades. I'm teaching 9th, 10th, 11th grade English and Senior Transitions, a life skills class all seniors must take. In Transitions we'll be learning about all manner of things, including cars, credit cards, laundry, cooking, financial aid, college apps, dancing, card games, fine arts, employment... such a fun class to teach.

Really amazing news- my MOM is coming to visit! She booked her ticket today for mid-September, and I am already planning her extended weekend here. She is a financial planner, so I am hoping to have her guest lecture with my seniors on finances.

Right now, with all the new teachers and new policies and new students and new housing, we all have a pretty big to-do list. Often we are frustrated that things aren't going fast enough- I need a key copied, I need the hot water heater fixed, my classroom ceiling is leaking, etc etc. Well, today I was stopped in my tracks and had my priorities set straight by a group of guests to our campus.

They are a soccer team of amputees. There were 20 or 30 of them, playing on the field. Every man out there had just one leg, and was playing soccer with braces (the kind of crutches you hold in your hands vs. under your arms). The goalies had both legs, but one goalie had one arm and the other had no arms.

They played for a long time, several hours, in the hot sun. There was a lot of joy on their faces.

I was so inspired. Learning to focus on gratitude...



  1. I know your mom is excited about the visit.

  2. How fun that your mom is visiting!! I know it will be great to show her in person what you've told her so much about!!

    And I love that you're teaching that transitional class to the seniors...there are so many things about that process that we have taken for granted because we have parental involvement, school/community assistance in that process, etc. Wow! I'm sure it's hard to know what they don't know about college and all that goes into that.

    And your soccer friends--- wow! I can't play soccer and have two legs and two arms! What an example of doing the best with what you've got!

    Love you guys!!



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