Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thai and Beach I

This past weekend Ben and I did something we've never done before in Haiti- 1) we ate Thai food, and 2) we went to the beach near Port-au-Prince. Many of our students go to the beach, which is about an hour away, frequently or even every weekend. There are a few hotels there with private beaches, and you can stay for the night or just buy a day pass to the beach. We did the latter on Sunday afternoon. On the drive to the beach I shot some photographs of everyday life on the street.

Friday night Thai food at Look Nun's. It was actually pretty great.

Ben says his pad thai was delish.
Buying, selling, chilling.
Marker in the circle intersection between Delmas 33 and the airport road. I'm really feeling more aware of the neighborhoods and major streets in Port now.
Lesly Centers are everywhere. They are little shops labeled "bank", and apparently they are storefronts for gambling. Why is it that gambling/lotto/payday loans/cash advance operations are always marketed to the poorest people?
Poisson is fish- they've illustrated the fish for sale.
Note the couple walking in their Sunday morning finest. It's such a contrast to see that often here- fancy and formal clothes, walking down unpaved, trashy streets.
All the preschool/daycare places have do-it-yourself murals of American cartoon characters. What an interesting cultural export.
Look very closely at the dark space in front of the building on the left. I missed it the first time I saw this image on my computer.

The rest of the photos from the ride to the beach coming soon, and photos from the first day of school (which was today!)


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  1. Yay for the first day of school! A fresh start and new beginning of the year! Hopefully it will be a good one!

    And so fun that you made it to the beach (and got thai...totally random, but I know it's one of Ben's faves)

    Love you guys and praying for you!!
    Team Moisan

    p.s. dressed up in sunday bests? isn't it crazy hot there?



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