Sunday, August 8, 2010


We'll be in Port-au-Prince by noon tomorrow. I'm laying out my traveling-to-Haiti uniform. Jewelry off. Look plain. Gourdes within reach.

We left Dallas on Thursday. We flew to Virginia (via Atlanta). We attended the wedding of a dear college friend as a part of what we've fondly termed Wedding Camp- the entire wedding took place on this friend's old high school campus, including all of us Texas friends staying in the school dorm.

Then we flew to New York City (again via Atlanta). Did I mention we have practically our life's belongings with us in giant suitcases? Last time I flew to Haiti was the first time, and I was blissfully clueless. This time, I know what I'll be missing in a few days, and stocked up. 5 flights in 5 days. Somehow this crazy flight situation was the only way we could get from Lynchburg to Port-au-Prince...

In the JFK bag claim, there was some kind of celebrity getting mobbed by preteens... a Disney Channel star from some show called Sonny with a Chance?

Getting off the plane we overheard a family speaking a foreign language. A big smile spread across my face.

It was Kreyol :)

I'm ready.


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  1. our whole little family has been praying for y'all. we love you! miss you already, but can't wait to see what God will show you about Himself and all the ways you will glorify Him. Tight Hugs!!! :)



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