Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beach II

First of all, can we please take a moment for collective laughter at Stuff Christians Like's blog called "How to Spot a Missionary"?

To continue the photo essay of Haitian street life, as captured through the car window on a drive to the beach...
Hanging wires
Croix-des-Bouquets Bridge
 This is the tent city where Ryan, Adam, Anna, Ben and I did our crazy food drop (part one and part two) back in the spring. It has grown to be very large now- when we were there it was just a few dozen half-made homes, still largely sticks and bedsheets. Now it has taken on the familiar blue color of other tent cities, blue like the tarps with some random aid agency's logo.
We were surprised to see the giant equipment moving earth. Not sure why- possibly widening a road? Unclear. Looks like some sort of progress, though?

Dozens of times a day I capture a moment in my brain and wish I had a camera there to record it.

Tap-tap with TEXAS painted on the window this morning- click.
Ben pushing our Jin Bei 14-passenger van out of a swamp on the way home from church- click.


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