Sunday, August 22, 2010

100 Things

Fascinating article in the NY Times about how downsizing your lifestyle, getting off the crazy-busy hamster wheel, even shedding possessions until you have only 100 items, can make you much happier.

B and I noticed one major "invisible" difference between our Haitilife and our Dallaslife this past summer. Even with gorgeous spa-like hot showers, non-bed-bug-infested furniture, and every delicious meal I could find space to stuff in my belly, I felt frantic and frazzled for most of this summer.

Why? I think the slow Haiti lifestyle has seeped into us, filled up the cracks, and made us love reading for 3 hours a night. Love going to bed at 9:30. Love having a quiet, electronic-stimulation-free (read: electricity not on haha) evening. Love having no commute, no driving except once or twice a week riding in someone else's car.

Even with every convenience, pleasure, or entertainment, we were excited to leave the frazzled and go back to the slow (sometimes painfully, frustratingly, pull-your-hair-out slow).



  1. I think I have 100 things in my junk drawer alone. :( This may take some work! Loved the post from the SCL blog....especially the giraffe pic. Hope y'all are enjoying your Sunday, and that you have a great week. Love you, Mom

  2. How true. I recently spent time in the 'country club' world of north Chicago suburbs. People rushing around at 20-30 mph faster than speed limits, honking horns 0.5 seconds after the light turned green. Then while driving back to Washington state, seeing what life is like in South Dakota or Montana. Knowing that the tarp I have trouble storing in my garage would be a God-send to folks in Mexico or Haiti. Crazy world is right. Surely God is allowing this economic downturn. Praise God.

  3. Yes yes! We all need a little more time to breathe and be still! Love that article!



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