Sunday, July 18, 2010

Youth Camp

Our two weeks of camp are now history. We're home. Laundry is done, a good night's catch-up sleep is had, and we're leaving for the camp reflection service in one hour. What amazing, action-packed weeks. This post and last contain photos taken by our favorite media gurus, and we'll post our personal photos in the next few days.

Youth camp revolves around family groups, which contain about 15 teenagers between 7th and 12th grade. This year's theme: cereals. My team, the Cheerios, was clearly the best:)
The Cheerios were so wonderful. I loved each and every one of them. We carried around yellow hula hoops, a giant Cheerio-box-lookalike banner, and orange camo bandanas. Oh, and don't forget the Cheerio necklaces. You can see me wearing about 12 of them in the top photo.
We had Bible study every morning. I loved teaching. Yep, that's a pink Silly Band on my wrist, and a Kianga bracelet straight from Nairobi. You can buy one and support AIDS widows here (plus they're really cool).

As a Baylor girl, I had lots of yellow to wear:)
I love this youth group. It's a place where everybody gets loved. I've done children's ministry camp for 8 years, but this was my first youth camp since I was a high school student. It was really neat that I had so many of these teenagers when they were 5th graders at children's camp- so neat to see them growing and maturing.
I love this little family! O was our flower girl and their parents are some of our dearest friends. They are very faithful servants to the kids and teens at our church, so of course the kiddos get to visit camp. They love golf carts, snow cones, and cheering on their dad's family group.
One of the neat parts of camp is Big/Littles.
Good clean fun.
The Supernova Relay is the final event of The Games, recreation competition for all the family groups. Spirit points are key, so teams go all out. One of my 12th grade guys went to the extreme in personal devotion to the Cheerio cause. Here he is doing the final event of the Supernova Relay- eat a banana, drink a 7-Up (actual way it works: smash a banana on your face, shake up and explode a 7-Up).
Jon and Emily leading worship.
One of the Big/Little Bro pairs from the Cheerios spent some quiet time together.
Free time.
Time with Jesus.
One of my two Cheerio senior guys paints the other. Yes, that is spray paint. Real spray paint. I brought it to paint our group sign, but it wound up on bodies. Yikes.
Spirit points make you do silly things.
Ben made sure to celebrate with the seniors who will be attending his alma mater.
The whole group. Other fun signs- Wheaties (the yellow spoon) and Count Chocula (the white I-shaped sign with the black vampire cape on it).

We loved this week so much.


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  1. Ben and Katie- Seems like just yesterday you were the campers. I am so glad you had the opportunity to enjoy youth camp from a new point of view. It's an unforgettable experience all the way around. Love you guys! Erin



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