Saturday, July 3, 2010


Here are the last shots from the final day of Vacation Bible School. The change drive was pretty crazy.
Counting, counting, counting all the coins the kids brought.
Poured up
Dollar billz yall
It's all for TeacHaiti!
For filler time at the end, we had "Q & A with B & K". They asked great questions about Haiti.
Selling M&M tubes to fill with change.
 Final counting with the missions team.
 The teenagers on the missions team made a video where they interviewed 1-6th graders about how they share the love of Christ with others.
 The kids are so cute, sincere, and smart.
 The final day, we showed the kids a way they could show the love of Christ to kids in Haiti right now- making a coloring book to help them learn English and French. I made a coloring book with clip arts labeled in Kreyol, French and English, and the kids assembled and wrote their names on a "made by" line. I'm going to give the coloring books to Miquette for the kids of TeacHaiti. I can't wait to take pictures of them coloring the books!
 Explaining the coloring book.
 Sitting in their color groups.
 Looking through the books, checking out the Kreyol and French words.
 All done assembling.
 Each child wrote their name and age on the "made by" line.
 Such a fun week.

I have some more prayer requests:
1. We leave on Monday for children's camp. Ben and I will have 5th graders- my favorite year. Over 150 kids are coming.
2. We leave the following Monday for youth camp. Ben will be on the tech team and I am a "family group" co-leader, which means I'll have about 15 kids from 7-12th grade on my team. 159 teenagers will be a part of that week.


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