Thursday, July 22, 2010

Neurotoxins in my shampoo. Which goes on my head. Awesome.

I'm officially freaked out. This is not directly related to Haiti, but is related to our general call to stewardship of our bodies and our home (planet).

Want to know what chemicals are in your favorite cosmetics/lotions/sunscreens/beauty products?

Want to know how your products rank in toxicity, or which of its ingredients are neurotoxins, or harm your fertility/hormones, or cause cancer?

I typed in the lotion I used not one hour ago after exiting the shower. It apparently contains two chemicals that are banned in Japan because of their ability to cause reproductive problems even at very low doses, as well as one chemical known to cause cancer even at very low doses.

My sunscreen apparently only ranks a 4 out of 10 in effectiveness, and over 70% of other sunscreens rank higher in the only thing I care about a suncreen being able to do- block the sun's rays.

My Physicians Formula bronzer, which I bought specifically because it is labeled as organic, ranks a 7 (10 is the worst) for toxic chemicals, including 5 carcinogens, 4 nervous system toxicants, 4 endocrine system toxins, and 7 toxins causing developmental/reproductive damage (see the full list of its toxic contents here).


When it is not 1 am, I am sitting down to do more research- if I can use this site to find the ugly stuff, I must be able to find something I can buy at a CVS or Walgreens that won't poison my future children and mutate my cells.




  1. I've been following Environmental Working Group (EWG) and using their cosmetics database for years. Those guys are amazing and have been doing so much - all with only donations. It's shocking how many ingredients are banned in the EU that are allowed in the US. :-(

  2. Katie- I know it is so overwhelming. Once you know that all your products are horrible for your body, you have no choice but to shop responsibly. This is a big deal to me too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hydroquinone is banned in the UK. Apparently it is still prescribed here because topically, it does not cause the same carcinogenic effects as systemic use. It still makes me nervous...

  4. who would have thought that the WMD's were actually hiding in the sunscreen?



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