Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot Off The Press

The first question many people ask us is some variation of "so how is Haiti doing now? Is rebuilding happening?" Others have written excellent answers to that question. Here are some articles that are rocking my world.

It seems to me, from reading newspaper articles, that everyone wants Haiti to rebuild, but no one actually wants to get their hands dirty with work. The finger pointing is rampant. The Haitian government thinks the international community is at fault, and the international community is waiting for the Haitian government to have a plan. Meanwhile, in the tent cities people keep living a life that is appalling. But one thing they can all agree on? Regardless of results, everyone is winning medals (by Al Jazeera, of all people!).

How can anyone rebuild or repair anything when there is no money? Lately I am fully of indignation at the reports that only 10% of the $5.3 billion in aid promised to rebuild Haiti has been dispersed. I am ashamed to learn that none of the $900 million promised by the USA has be dispersed. Where is it? Stuck in Congress. Held up because of disagreements over state aid that have nothing to do with Haiti. The World Bank has an interesting take here.

One of the reasons for the slow relief effort is Haitian Customs. Everyone knows they are the most crooked and corrupt of government agencies. And don't even get me started on Transitional Shelters. Only 5,000 of the 125,000 temporary shelters promised by the international community have been built.

For Further Reading:
This article quotes Tim Banks, a great missionary and my boss' boss. So naturally, I think he is a kind and loving man, Christlike, with strong leadership skills, a great visionary. Someone to be feared, respected and sucked up to.
This one from the BBC is good, too.
This article describes a very funny hoax by CRIME (Committee for the Reimbursement of the Indemnity Money Extorted from Haiti).
This one is a heartwarmer. If after all of this you need something of a feel good story, here it is.

Pray that politicans and bureaucrats get out of the way and supplies and aid to rebuild start arriving.


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