Thursday, July 1, 2010


Uploading pictures has been interesting. Remembering all the things we have done, people we have served with, things we have seen, there has been so much. Honestly I have forgot what a trip it has been.
  • I forgot that we spent some really special days with Jaime, Katie, Cathy, Jenn,y Abbey and Tony before most of them left. What was the alligator story? And why did we find it so funny?
  • I forgot how great it was to ride around with John, feeling useful and feeling needed.
  • I forgot about how energized Daniel and Pastor Dave were to be back in a city they loved, even if it was under unfortunate circumstance. They loved being back and working in the city.
  • I forgot how many awesome people I met in a few months. Mo, Beth, Justine, Alf, Jimmy, Major Shipley, Justin, Kynada, Tarah, Dr. Carter, and Jason, in addition to the people I mentioned earlier.
One thing I hope I never forget: I serve an awesome God.

Looking at the digital representations of my first 5 months in Haiti has added fuel to some of the feelings that had been smoldering in my gut. Specifically.

I am ready to leave.

I want to go back to Port-au-Prince asap. In June I needed a break for my sanity's sake, but I have recieved as much rest as I am going to get. I love America and the communities I am a part of here but I belong-in a very purposeful, cosmic way-in Port-au-Prince. There is work I am called to do there and I am not fully doing it here. I never understood when people would say they couldn't stand not working.  I always thought I was lazy. In reality, I never found something that I cared about.

I love to read memoirs. In high school I read a handful by soldiers who had served in Viet Nam. They wrote about how they understood how to do life in the jungle but were uncomfortable with life in the states. That is why many of them signed up for second tours.

I think I have an empathy for that perspective. Because I am ready. Only 38 days.


* side note, all of our February pictures are up on Flickr


  1. You got the fever. I think its the Holy Spirit burning in your hearts.

  2. I've got a disease - and the only cure is more cowbell.

  3. I have a disease. And the only cure is... more cowbell!



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