Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm sorry we haven't been more bloggy this week. We got a new camera, courtesy of our amazing generous friend Ryan, and it took us a little while to figure out how to get the photos onto our computer. Problem solved (thanks to Richard!). These are the last of the "old camera" photos- hopefully the new camera photos will be extra lovely.

Also, my brother (the Marine, who's been overseas for 2 years) has been home on leave. He left yesterday. Such sweet family time. So that's where I've been.

Well, that and I re-read Harry Potter 7.      :)
Vacation Bible School was just wonderful. We worked in the Missions area and had a delightful team of teenage helpers (in M&M costumes, no less). The kids were bringing change all week to sponsor Haitian childrens' education through TeacHaiti, and many were bringing change in M&M tubes (an M&M tube full of quarters adds up to $14).
Ivy was Team Missions' fearless leader.
Suprise! The Masked Rider (mascot of Texas Tech University, alma mater of dear Ben) made a suprise appearance at VBS. What does the Texas Tech mascot have to do with VBS? Well, there was a cowboy theme. But mostly, this year's Masked Rider, Christi, grew up in our church. And, let's be serious, having a giant beautiful horse ride around in your sanctuary is just good clean fun.
Ben was pretty excited.
Teaching preschoolers where Haiti is. Our friend Kim has a real passion for sharing about missions and loving the world's poor. She's is really great at communicating that message to kids in a tangible and appropriate way.
Showing the VBS preschoolers all the things TeacHaiti can buy with the money that is donated to sponsor a child.
Our dear friend Ivy. An amazing heart, a friend for life! She lead our missions team.
Worship with Mark and Anna. You may remember when Mark's daughter Olivia sent us sweet drawings and Anna visited Haiti (she was in town during the food drop).
Pouring the donated change from the VBS children into a giant container. It was so full by Thursday we had to push it around on a rolling office chair. That is awesome.
Counting counting counting. You can see some of the M&M containers that the kids brought quarters in. News flash- your hands smell really weird after counting coins for a half hour.
VBS Missions Team with all the collected change.

In total, through four different change drives in three different ministries, over $5,000 was raised for TeacHaiti. I cannot WAIT to see those sponsored kids' pictures and learn their names. I cannot WAIT to try to meet them in Haiti, to send photos of them at school, in clean uniforms, eating hot lunches, wearing shoes, back to the preschool, elementary, and teenage ministries at FBC Richardson who sponsored them.
 M&Ms in kids worship mode.

For you pray-ers...
1. My Marine brother, driving to California and joining a new unit.
2. My good friends, leading high school kids this week at Young Life's Crooked Creek Ranch in CO.
3. 150 kids going to children's camp (with Ben and I) on Monday (including 40 inner-city kiddos).
4. Our students back in Haiti, or Miami, or Montreal, or wherever they are currently.



  1. Well it looks like you've been busy, but finding time for some fun too. Just being able to find any book you want (library, book stores) has got to be a luxury for you. Your ministry stays in our prayers. As an ex-military person, your brother and his comrades hold a special place for us. Glad you were able to see him and we pray for his safety.

  2. Have missed your blog updates so much! But I've enjoyed our late night kitchen conversations, though ;)

    Love you both, Mom



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