Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer of Love

This week has been amazing. We're working Vacation Bible School, and the entire missions projects of the preschool, children's and youth ministries have been focused on helping Haiti.

In May, the children's and youth groups raised over $700 each for TeacHaiti. Since $350 sponsors a child for a whole year to go to school, that's 4 kids right there. Changed lives.

Then this week, the 1st-6th graders at VBS are having a change drive. The total, after just two days, is over $1,200. At $350 each, there's another 3 kids' futures totally transformed. By little kids armed with Ziploc baggies. And we've got two more days of collecting to go!

We've loved all the fun. We're dancing around in M&M Halloween costumes, counting pennies til our fingers perma-smell like copper, and sharing about life in Haiti during "Q & A with B & K" time.

Some of the questions the kids have asked are stumping me. Why is the Haitian money worth so much less than the US dollar? Why can't Haitians move to America? If the Haitian constitution guarantees public school for all children, why isn't that happening?

Good question, kid.

This weekend we're speaking at the church we grew up in, met Jesus in, and met each other in. We'll have 7 minutes at the end of both the 9:15 (traditional) and 10:50 (contemporary) services. 7 minutes. We've been working and working to try to figure out how to put into 7 minutes the decision to move to Haiti, moving, the earthquake, the earthquake aftermath, starting to teach again, the unique and amazing students we've met and loved, and everything else. Oh, and the rat story. Everybody's favorite post is the one with the leaping rat.

I realize I haven't mentioned a big project for this summer. The aforementioned church we grew up in asked for some help in planning Children's Camp, so B and I are volunteering almost every day working to prepare for camp. Then the week after Children's Camp, we're headed to a week of Youth Camp with the same church. Not a lot of physical resting going on, but a huge heaping pile of love pours on us every day there.



  1. As a virtual outsider let me mention that it appears you guys have and are taking on a lot. I know you are young, but you've just had a really busy and stressful time. Its easy to get burnt out. Try to find the time to rest. Listen to your parents and other wise older people. That's easy to say cause I'm getting older by the minute.

  2. Seven minutes? I know that in the church I grew up in, if one of our church members became a missionary & came back from the field, the pastor would step down for that Sunday & let the missionaries speak whatever God laid on their hearts for that time.

    I can't believe you're only going to get SEVEN minutes. I'll be praying that God will lead you to say exactly what you need to during that short amount of time.

  3. Maybe in the first 7 minutes you should say "and come back to the next service to get the rest of the story!" (or "the next installment", perhaps? :^)

    Tricia, e-friend of Ruth



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