Thursday, June 17, 2010

Get Silly

Reasons I know I am smack dab in the eye of the hurricane that is a children's ministry summer:

1) From 11:15 - 11:45 this morning I danced the Macarena, the Cupid Shuffle, and the Hoedown Throwdown with over 100 8-and 9-year-olds, plus the senior citizens who were serving them Rice Crispy Treats. It was absolutely hysterical. In a Fellowship Hall, for heaven's sake- such naughty Baptists we are :) It was a real bliss moment.
2) I am now officially the recipient of my first Silly Band. It glows in the dark and is in the shape of a turtle. Pretty much every kid at Vacation Bible School has 20, 50, 100 of these things on (which is probably why schools are banning them as a distraction).

Another $600 something came in today at the VBS change drive for TeacHaiti. We're up to over $1,900 now- that's over 5 kids fully sponsored for a year. Amazing. One more day!



  1. I was listening to a story about silly bands on NPR the other evening. My 4th grader was in the kitchen with me. "Have you heard of these?" I asked. "Yes, I'm wearing one!" he replied. A friend had given it to him that day. The NPR story mentioned that the eye of the trend storm is with 3rd and 4th graders: he's in a 3rd & 4th grade class.

  2. B & K, you don't know me, but I donated $350 today because of your blog, so count this donation in your tally. Blessings.

  3. Oh my word! Thank you, thank you, anonymous friend. Truly, you just changed a child's life for good. A year of school, hot lunches, immunizations.... its a really big deal. Thank you.



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