Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We were something of shutter bugs our first 5 months in Haiti. We have shared many of them with you on this blog, but there were literally thousands more that we have. How can we share those with you? The beauty of Flickr.

We have spent the day uploading our photos, over 350 from January alone! We will be adding our other months and we will also be uploading new pictures we take when we are back in Haiti in August. Hopefully this addition will help to continue to tell the story of our neighborhood in Port-au-Prince.

Please feel free to look at them and comment if you so desire.



  1. Strange, I was looking at the large group and it started with just cracks in the walls and block walls down. I was thinking, how do you fix the cracks and where do you begin with the walls. Then you see the faces and the collapsed buildings. I guess one hug and one brick at a time.

  2. @Tony, That particular house has to be knocked down. It is beyond repair. The walls are much easier; smooth out the mortar and start stacking cinder blocks again

    Thanks for always having something to share.



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