Sunday, June 13, 2010

Celebrating Sarah

Tomorrow morning Ben and I will start Vacation Bible School. We're working in the kids missions area, and the whole missions project this year is about Haiti. Did you know that if you fill one of those M&M Mini's tubes with quarters, you will get $14? That's what all the kids are invited to do this week, with all the money going to TeacHaiti to send poor kids to school.
Tomorrow we'll be sharing about what life is like for many Haitian kids, and we'll be talking about Sarah in particular. Here's a little collection of pics we are showing, plus our favorite Sarah shots. Let's all take a minute to pray for her.

Sweet Sarah helps me explain how TeacHaiti sponsors Haitian kids to go to school.


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  1. Ben/Sarah, an idea for fund raising. Have a pastor (or you) approach a retail business owned by someone in your church. If 'congregation' members spend money there, then some percentage goes to missions funding at your church. I see that being done at some churches so perhaps yours does it. Problem: making church commercialized??



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