Friday, May 21, 2010

Paint Party, Part 1

Tuesday was an incredible day. It was Haitian Flag Day, so schools and businesses were closed. We planned a service project where our kids (pre K to 12th were invited) would drive to Croix-de-Bouquets, about 45 minutes north of our school, to paint recently built homes for families who made homeless by the quake.
B unloading supplies
One of the houses, pre-paint. This is one of the pre-fabricated houses being offered through Foundation Maxima, which is owned by a "bissionary" (business missionary) and friend of ours, Mr. Vervloet. They employ several hundred Haitians at their warehouse, and the houses are inexpensive and go up very quickly. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton even visited Maxima on one of their tours! Shortly after the earthquake we wrote a letter to a group of WMU ladies, and won a little grant to build one of these. That house will go to one of our Quisqueya employees' families.
Tim giving instructions
Team Blue House
It was hysterical to see tiny Gabriel in the adult gloves.
 Little ones painting.
These two little girls belong to the family who will live in one of the houses we painted. I love that no matter where you go in the world, every little girl speaks Disney Princess.
The day was very interesting in terms of students' behavior. I saw some traits I recognized from the classroom become amplified in the "field trip" environment. A few students who struggle a bit academically, however, really shined as they demonstrated leadership in hard work, not complaining, and coaching the younger kids.
Marlee was a real leader on the pink house.

I'll share more pics and Part 2 tomorrow, including photos of the AMAZING orphanage on the same property, all run by Christian Service International.


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