Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today we honor two mamas.
Here they are, celebrating at our wedding reception. Don't worry, they've already picked out their "grandmother names" (if you're wondering- Nessa and Susu).

Our mamas have are unique, classy, brave, and strong. One is a real live beekeeper. One is about to start training to love on foster care kids. One did her undergrad and masters in 4 years. One makes a to-die-for strawberry cake (not to mention homemade granola). They both give great advice. They each raised a son and a daughter, and they have both been deep wells of encouragement as we have begun our marriage and moved to Haiti.

There just aren't words for these two.

Happy day to you, mamas!

K (and B, too)

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  1. what amazing women they both are!! love this post! :)



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