Monday, May 31, 2010

Last Day of School

Wednesday was our last day of the spring semester. Quisqueya held a closing ceremony including Kindergarten graduation, 6th grade step-up, and 8th grade promotion.
Last day for Mr. Day. His family, after having been in Haiti since the 1950's, is moving back to the States. The kids really love him.
6th and 8th graders preparing to march in to their promotion ceremony.
Watch out 1st grade, here we come.
Diplomas for the Kindergartners.
Proud (and wiggly) grads:)
Oooooo the fruit of the Spirit's not a .... like, a kiwi. My college degree at work.
Melodie classes things up a bit.
Ebony was elected by her class to give the 8th grade speech.
Steve promotes the 8th graders.
The sweet Bleshes with their littlest, Bethaina. I love this fam.
I had a final photo on this blog, but I deleted it because I wanted to share the story, anonymously of course. One of our students was in tears after the ceremony. Her parents said they would show up, but did not. She pulled out a report card of high grades and glowing teacher comments and said, "I guess even this won't make them proud." About five teachers took a turn, one at a time, sitting beside her on the picnic table and comforting her while she cried and cried. Our hearts broke for her. Watching every other kid take group photos with their families, diplomas front and center, I feel like the Holy Spirit nudged me to say that she needed one, too. Ben, Denny, Bearded Tony and I- her four teachers- gathered her up and took a group pic. Denny made her laugh. It's a really meaningful photo to me, and a hopeful model of what all teachers can be- a stand-in family of people who gather you up and love you.


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