Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Field Day = Joy

It's Field Day at Quisqueya! What a delightful tradition. The kids were sorted into 6 teams with mixed grade levels to compete in fun games. Field Day in Haiti has one difference from wacky, youth-group-style games I've played many times before- it is completely off-limits to play games that waste food or water. I think I like that idea.
Bearded Tony, Math Department extraordinaire, helps the kids line up in their teams. Student Council planned the events and led them.
Amy showing off her hard-won flag
Flag Tag pals
Big ones helping little ones was one of my favorite parts of Field Day. Vienna helps Victoria tie her flags on.
I asked this team to give me their fiercest, most ferocious faces.
One-legged races
So cute. There are two sets of siblings in this pic. Can you pick them out?

Haha, this is a trick question because one of the sibling sets includes an interracial adoption, but I bet you can pick out the matching adorable grins of two of these Flag Tag champions :)
Ggrrrrr. Fierce competitors.

More tomorrow :)

Six days til Texas.


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