Friday, May 28, 2010

Field Day = Joy, Part 2

Quisqueya Field Day continued with a little blindfolded obstacle course.
I loved how sweet this 8th grader was leading his little pre-K partner through the 3-legged obstacle course.
A 10th grader helping his Kindergarten pal shoot a basket.
We only had two 11th grader this semester, and the two that remained were such incredible leaders and students. It really was a joy getting to know them. Bianca ran around with her clipboard like a boss.
This 10th grade/ pre-K pair was so adorable trying to roll/carry their basketballs through the obstacle course.
This is how 2nd grade girls shoot baskets. Note the form. 90% ballet, 10% bball. I love it.
Flag tag finals. It got fierce.
I love these faces. Flag tag betrayal.
I love this look of sheer delight on Bethaina's face.
Piggyback races
Speaking of faces of sheer glee. Piggyback races galore.
Tony and Ben, math and history departments, respectively, supervising.
Are they cute or what.
What a fun Field Day.

Next up: pics of our Kindergarten graduation, 6th grade step up, and 8th grade promotion. Also, about our Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day that snuck up yesterday.

Today it's pouring monsoon-style. We're moving furniture, shlepping boxes, and trying to get the school back in order for a full house next August. In the rain. Tomorrow's graduation.


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  1. Looks like fun. Was Tony once a prospector?



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