Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dinner Dance, Shot Clinic, and Hendricks

Work is the worship of the Lord. Do not make any distinction between menial and respectable work.
- Swami Sivananda

Criticism is something you can easily avoid by saying nothing, being nothing, and doing nothing.
- Aristotle

This weekend was pretty perfect. Friday night we helped put on the high school dinner dance. Prom was canceled this year, so we teachers cooked dinner for the kids. Ben grilled 40 chicken breasts, Tony made delicious pasta, and I baked cupcakes.
 Bethaina loves her some cupcakes:) She kindly served as Sprinkle Engineer and consultant. This is the youngest daughter of one of my favorite families.
High schoolers in their fancy clothes.
I believe this was a little 9th grade-12th grade pairing to the tune of Tic Toc. Very fun. 
Saturday morning we got to visit the TeacHaiti school for a vaccination clinic Miquette had set up. Miquette, in just her third year of running TeacHaiti, has over 170 sponsor children. However, for her sponsored kids in Port-au-Prince, many of the good schools are collapsed, so she's putting together a school in a home near Quisqueya. The school will open in the fall, just for elementary, but she plans to expand as quickly as fundraising will allow. She is incredible. Here, she and Ben sort toothbrushes for the TeacHaiti kids.
One of the neat parts of going to the TeacHaiti vaccination clinic was meeting this little girl. This is our maid Dieula's daughter. One of the weirder cultural adjustments for me has been the fact that everybody has a lot of domestic help here, but I know that having Dieula clean our apartment means her little girl is provided for. And now she's had her shots as well!
View from the outside of the school.
Waiting for vaccinations. There were over 100 people in the sweltering heat.
A different kind of waiting room.
Miquette giving announcements and instructions
For them
Do you have the vision to see a school here?

School supplies! Miquette had just received a big donation. She'll be getting more when North Haven's donation arrives...
This roof over the patio is so colorful- perfect for kiddos. 
Nurse Miquette delivers some shots.
Everybody loves a sucker! My job was to pass out the toothbrushes and toothpaste to each kid after receiving a shot. I also got to give out the suckers:)
Funny story about this woman. She is a Richardson Berkner grad (just like B), class of  '91. She is now a nurse in Vermont. We love finding connections with volunteers while they are here in Haiti
Daddy helped this one be brave, and then he picked out an orange bandaid.
Did I mention my little princess Sarah was there? She really had a great day- she got all the swag (toothbrush, toothpaste, and suckers), but didn't actually have to get a shot since she was too young for this vaccination.
And many more waiting in line. I cannot express to you how hot it was.
And then the Hendricks arrived! Aaron, Heather, and Aunt Debbie came in on Saturday to view to the school and visit PAP. Aaron has been offered a job as Bible teacher for next year, and they're figuring out how to move four little boys and a whole life to Haiti. We loved hanging out with them. Please pray for all that lies before them through this transition time!

Rainy season = My hair is large and in charge.

Just an FYI, we're losing internet every evening when it starts monsoon raining at about dusk. Sorry we've been a bit MIA from Skype.

Man, what a wonderful weekend. Thank you, Lord.


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