Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Wherever you are, it is your friends who make your world.
William James

Aim above morality. Be not simply good, be good for something.
Henry David Thoreau

God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.
John Piper

Happy Cinco de Mayo. I'll be celebrating by making salsa, my very favorite little personal retreat here in Haiti.

Remember our blog-friends who I mentioned are coming this weekend, because they're moving to Haiti to teach at Quisqueya? Well, they're out of the Haiti closet:) It's the Hendricks, from good ol' central Texas. Think we're brave for coming here? Ha. They've got four kids. They're my heroes. They arrive Saturday!



  1. So thankful for you two! Can't wait to meet in real life. Only a few more days!


  2. Aren't you Baylor guys? Did you see the Baylor Flash Mob Michael Jackson Video? It's gone downhill fast since you left America.

  3. WHOA! My College Station world and Dallas world just collided in HAITI!!! We went to church with the Hendricks at Living Hope in College Station!! I lead worship with Aaron and the worship team and attended countless baby showers with Heather too! And Justin got to hang out with their boys at AWANAS on Sunday nights!!! Oh my goodness this is so exciting! You are going to LOVE the Hendrick family! We certainly enjoyed getting to serve with them in CS.



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