Friday, April 2, 2010

Unintended Consequences

After the quake, everybody wanted to help. Though the media's eye has passed on, many still do. As time has gone on, however, some unintended consequences of the aid pouring into Haiti have appeared.

Rent everywhere is rapidly rising. Several of our missionary friends have had their landlords drop by to announce rate hikes. Of course, when thousands of homes were destroyed in the earthquake, that would be expected, but the influx of aid workers and NGO's renting spaces is just exacerbating the problem. It's a similar situation at the grocery store- Eagle market, after Caribbean market was destroyed, is now the only major grocery store standing in our area. Last time we visited, a medium-sized peanut butter was $10 US. Same with toilet paper- four rolls (we're not talking the fancy Charmin Ultra stuff here) for $10 US.

Yesterday, one of the best (slash "only operating") hospitals in the country shut down- CDTI. I hear Community Hospital is doing the same thing soon. Justine, the acting administrator in charge of CDTI, has been staying at our school, and said that they just simply ran out of money. It was costing $4,000 a day to run the generator, and nobody has paid one dime for medical care in this city for three months. When medical mission teams are coming in by the hundreds, bringing fancy free medicine and supplies, no local Haitian care providers can charge anything for their services. One of my 11th grade students' parents are both physicians, and he told me yesterday neither one is really working right now. How long can they sustain that lack of income? Local Haitian doctors are the last people we want to have to leave the country in order to make a living.

A Miami Herald video about the closing of CDTI, including interviews with Justine


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  1. The ups and downs of this latest posting are hard for us, but must be like a roller coaster for you. On the one hand you are seeing babies saved by kindness, then later seeing these kindnesses cause severe issues in other areas (inflation, local incomes being adversely affected, important skillsets departing). What is the answer?? We Pray. Somehow, have a joyous Easter.



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