Tuesday, April 13, 2010


When compared to the month of March, April has been much slower. There are some benefits to that, but at the same time Katie and I might be having trouble adjusting to the new pace. We are waiting on so many things and instant gratification is not something Haiti is known for.

In this season of our lives we find ourselves often quoting Donald Millers book, "A Million Miles In A Thousand Years" I cannot tell you what an impact that book has had on us and if you have not read it then I encourage you too find a copy and do so immediately.

The section from his book that has been on my mind lately is the section where he talks about the slow grind of the story you are in. It is the unglamorous, tedious work between the excitement of starting something new and the thrill of accomplishing something. To paraphrase the book is the point at which you can no longer see the shore behind you and you cannot see the shore ahead of you and no matter how hard you paddle you seem not to go any where. I think that is where we are.

In our story of life there are many subplots, many battles to be fought, many adventures to be had. And sometimes you forget you are in any of those. You forget you are in a rich environment for missions, that rebuilding (anything not just a country) take years, maybe decades, not months and that the race you run is more like a marathon that a sprint.

I have never run a marathon. In fact I rarely sprint. So I often find myself in the place I am now doubting if I am doing enough, frustrated that I cannot find more to do, tired because I feel like I have done so much. It is a long slow grind to the finish line, and this week, for me has been a reminder that what we do in Haiti is not judged by one month, but by the entirety of its work.

In has also reminded me that true fulfillment is not found in my successes. How may students I teach, how many A's I give, how many interviews I give, how many homes I build, how many lives I impact. Those things by themselves leave me chasing after the next accomplishment, always hungry. However, if those things come out of over-flow of my heart and my affections for Christ then I can be content in whatever I do or don't do.

This of course all sounds great when typed and read, actually doing it is a little harder.



  1. Hi Katie and Ben! We read about you in the Baylor mag. We are so proud of you and we'll pray for you. I added you to my google reader so I can stay updated.

  2. How ironic that you used the marathon metaphor today of all days. I'm not caught up on your blog, so forgive me if you are already aware of my recent fundraiser featuring your mission and the Quisqueya Christian School. I ran my marathon Sunday. And I can't help but think how short a marathon is compared to life. Even if you run a marathon really really slowly. Life is still so much longer. I'm settling into an open sea phase myself after the euphoria of my race. I haven't read that Don Miller book, but will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the amazing work for His glory.

  3. Matt,

    We didn't know about your fundraiser. However, I spent the morning reading up on it and I appreciate what you have done. Thank you so much for thinking of QCS.

  4. Hey Ben and Katie!
    Thanks for sharing this post, Ben. I think I'll go get Miller's book!

    Just being faithful to persist is sometimes all we can do, I think. I mean, I've learned that God is sometimes doing more (in me and/or around me) when I feel like I'm just treading water. And it's only later that I see it... and probably more times I never see it. SO, I have to remind myself to just keep going; keep trying to listen to the Holy Spirit and doing what He says; keep trying to see the shore, the purpose, the big picture, but not getting frustrated when I don't.

    Anyway, we love you and know that God is doing a wonderful work in and through you there!
    Looking forward to hanging out some this summer to visit in person!

    Kim :)

  5. Thanks for the great post. I loved that book and must be reminded that it is the overflow and not the just looking for the next adventure (or shore) that really is what counts!!
    Thank your for sharing your life in this forum and encouraging my walk with Christ! -Missy



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