Thursday, April 29, 2010

A reading list

Sometimes we do a good job of telling you what life is like here. Sometimes other people who tell stories for a living do a better job.

Here are somethings I have been reading. Acknowledgments go to Ruth for pointing me to most of these.

This article is about two different tent communities.

Dave Carter is an awesome man and tells the story of his time here in Haiti better than most. Tissues are necessary to read this.

Wyclef's thoughts on Haiti. (Wonder if I can meet him when he is here. I am a huge Fugees fan)

What? You don't normally read the Architectural Record? Yeah, neither do I. But if you want a more technical read on how Haiti plans on spending the billions donated, this is a good one. * An editorial note. I have been to the "International Airport" in Cap Haitien, and it is quite limited. About 80 feet by 40 feet and spotty electricity.

Lastly, it is was hot today. Felt like 104.

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