Friday, April 23, 2010


We're back from chaperoning the Quisqueya seniors. More to come! While we've been out, there has been progress. The military has left our campus. All gone. This will probably mean the end of 24-hour power. Before the quake they were getting 9 hours on school days and 4 hours on weekends, I believe. Also, I noticed upon our return today that most of the Haitian school workers who were previously staying on campus have left. I haven't done a thorough search, but I think sweet little Sarah is gone, too. I love this child so very much. Her mother works in our cafeteria, and I have treasured the last three months with her living on campus. I am anxious to find out where they are staying now, and if she needs anything.
Merry Christmas from the Kilpatricks. I wish! About a week ago B and I were playing outside with Sarah and took some pics. She loves pictures.
Flower petals are better than fancy toys to Mademoiselle. She loves to play this game where she picks up every pink petal she can find and we make a little pile. She teaches me color names in Kreyol.
Loud noise! A big truck drove by and honked.
The flower petal game also involves putting each petal in my palm and blowing it high into the air, then fetching and re-making a perfect pile.
Game continued, pile grows.
Flower petal house, made of fallen leaves from what I think was a mahogany tree.
Another change is that the medical relief teams are slowing down. We had over 200 docs sleeping on campus each night at one point, now it is down to 75 or so per night. This surgeon from Minneapolis came to speak to chapel. He shared about losing his son in 9-11, his faith journey, and his medical career.
There has also been progress in clearing rubble. A bunch of US army guys blocked off the street outside our school last week for a day to make way for a bulldozer to move rubble. This is happening in other places, I hear, as are the evacuations of tent city dwellers from flood prone areas like the Petionville golf course. The rainy season is upon us.



  1. Flower petal toys. The simple pleasures of youth.

  2. Love the little dress Sarah wears there. She looks like a tiny little lady. :) When my kids were toddlers (ages 1-3 or so) they all loved (George, age 2, still does) playing with simple things like leaves, sticks, flower petals, rocks, clovers, etc. It's the simplicity of God's creation that can provide the most joy sometimes. That's one of the ways we should remain like children!

    Glad to have you back to blogging.




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