Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Let me tell you a story about the ordinary.

Carrie is a friend from North Dallas. She loves God, serves in her community, and runs marathons. When she is not doing any of those things, she writes math curriculum.

Through her work and her running she has a relationship with Tom Springmeier, the VP of Educational -Technology for Texas Instruments. They met in an ordinary casual fashion- running (something I am allergic to).

After the earthquake we were asking for donations of supplies for the school and for the relief effort. Carrie seized upon her friendship and asked if TI might be willing to donate some graphing calculators to our school. These fancy calculators cost over $100 each- quite a burden for post-quake families who just lost their jobs or business. TI said yes. In August, I will be bringing a class set back to Quisqueya. This is an amazing blessing for our math and science departments.

I love two things about this:
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1. The generosity of Texas Instruments. I know a handful of people who work there and all of them are really amazing. You know who you are.

2. How God uses our ordinary lives, friendships, and connections to make the extraordinary happen.

To paraphrase R.C. Sproul: Fortune, fate and luck are blind, impersonal and dumb. Our God is a father who is personal and intentional. Nothing happens in our lives by accident.

At Easter, my school director, boss and friend, Steve, shared how Christ took an ordinary meal and made it something that we remember for all time. He urged us to think about the ordinary in our lives and see God's work in it. In the past 5 months, the ordinary has certainly been what has sustained us. So I want to pass the challenge on to you. Look for Christ in the ordinary in your life.

And thanks again TI!



  1. Wow, great to get back on your blog and read about my friend Carrie, who seriously rocks! I've been keeping up with and praying for you guys since Kim (who also rocks) sent out a link back in January. So glad to know that you have both kept your relationship with God, your relationship with each other, and your sense of humor intact ... while so much is falling apart around you.

    Katie, I had the privilege of listening to wise words from your mom this morning. She spoke at our mom's group. We will continue to keep you both in thought and prayer!

  2. Thank you for sharing this story. Its such an encouragement and conviction to hear. I'm here in North Texas and been following your blog since the quake. Praying for y'all.



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