Friday, April 2, 2010


I mentioned that we had some friends in from Fellowship Bible Church Dallas. One of the great things they did was to bring two suitcases full of medicine and baby formula with them. Katie and I passed them off to John Ackerman (the same John who has been leading us around the city) and the Clays.
Specifically, one of the things that Fellowship brought to us in Haiti were 3 boxes of hypoallergenic baby formula. I gave all of the formula to the Clays, Corrigan and Shelley, who have a ministry that serves lots of single women and also have a close relationship with several orphanages around Port-au-Prince. That formula is very expensive in the states- about $25 a jar (they sent 18 jars!) and almost impossible to find here in Haiti.

Shelley was visiting orphanages around Port and had a conversation with an orphanage director who mentioned they had a very sick little baby. He had not been feeding and was close to death 3 or 4 times. The orphanage found that he responded well to this certain kind of formula, but they were almost out and very concerned about what would happen when to the little guy when the formula was gone.

Shelley was able to take them the 18 jars of formula so the baby can keep eating, Now he has enough to eat until he starts on solid food. Corrigan summed it up this way: "Your friends saved this kid's life."
 This is our team last weekend. And a special thanks goes out to Libe Hodak, who I am told was instrumental in getting the formula.


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  1. Great story of this little boy-kinda reminds me of the song by Randy Travis...lives changed, people healed...God is so good.



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