Friday, April 2, 2010

Crumbles and Color

Shelley's welcome home bash. Mmmmm Epidor pizza.
Shelley's welcome home party was a potluck and the ladies in her beading program were there. Many of them brought a piece of fruit to Shelley as their contribution to the potluck, with a kiss on each cheek.
Just a few of the beading program ladies and their kids.
The Fellowship team came in last weekend. They stayed at one of the church members' aunt's awesome pink house.
Crumbles and color
With the Fellowship team we visited a local minister named Pastor Joel whose church runs a women's ministry that features vocational training.
The women's ministry building had mostly fallen.
Back on campus: our sweet friend Sarah's banquet table. And yes, she is wearing a sparkly leotard.
Messy face:)
The team from Fellowship!
The Fellowship team brought formula. Not just any formula, but a very special hypoallergenic formula. We gave it to Corrigan and Shelley, who just happened to run into a sick baby at an orphanage who was near death because it wasn't able to digest the formula they had.... enter special formula. See Ben's story.
Friendship bracelets! My aunt Stef is a teacher in Dallas, and her school (what up to the Shelton School!) sent friendship bracelets to each Quisqueya student! This week my English classes wrote notes to them, as well as another school in Rochester, Minnesota who sent letters of love and care to our students.
Ben, giving his bracelet-model Zoolander face.
We thought this was hilarious. We walked back into our room after the cleaning lady Dieula had come. She had lovingly placed our laptop open, in the traditional "teddy bear spot". We thought it was a really funny commentary on the postmodern lifestyle or something.


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  1. haha love the laptop placement. just read an article on you two in the Baylor magazine which will soon make it to a prominent spot on our refrigerator. soo proud of yall :)



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