Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Around Campus

This week we had a chapel visit from members of the Canadian Indian Blood Tribe. They described living on a reservation (one of the largest in Canada) and the medical profession. They sent a medical team that stayed on our campus, and the group came and spoke to chapel. They brought some school bags and t-shirts (which we passed on to TeacHaiti).
The kids love playing games at lunch and break time. I think this is a great development, because games is a structured social activity (as opposed to sitting around doing nothing), gets them all working together in a group, and probably increases strategy or even math skills in some ways. They usually play cards, but this week they're branching out into Monopoly- a fancy Monopoly, complete with credit card scanner.
Vienna works on a drawing. There are several really, really talented artists in the junior and high school classes. I'm trying to work a lot of illustrating into my lesson plans to give them a chance to shine.
Ben with students at break time
Form tackle class. The boys were having a discussion about how they don't know how to play football since they all play soccer. Ben was happy to oblige with some tackling instruction basics.
Boys. Yes, that is a whoopie cushion. Yes, it made its way into my classroom. Yes, I confiscated it temporarily.
Oh Shayne. I've never seen this kid laugh this hard before.
I use this map every single day. I feel so strongly about increasing fluency in geography and current world affairs.
Illustrations from the 7th and 8th graders about their short stories- you can see some Zlateh the Goats in there... also some You Can't Take it With Yous...
Essential teacher tools- whistle, globe, clipboard. You will note in the back the kids are well into Old Man and the Sea, Great Expectations, and Great Gatsby. I assigned Great Gatsby to the two juniors last Wednesday, and they're already finished the book we were supposed to spend a few weeks on. Ok, regroup, new plan- next week we start To Kill a Mockingbird with them.

Ok, major prayer request: Ben and I have accepted a new assignment. We're going to be chaperoning the Quisqueya senior trip. The roughly ten seniors are going to north Haiti to visit the Citadelle Laferriere, Sans Souci Palace, and other attractions around Labadie, which also has a pretty beach. We're excited about this opportunity to grow close to the seniors and have really meaningful conversations, but we also know the stereotypes about "senior trips" and so we're cautious. It's a big responsibility. We leave Sunday. Keep us in your prayers!



  1. For the record, in the picture I was demonstrating how not to tackle. They don't bend their knees and drive through the ball carrier. Tsk Tsk

  2. I just heard about that credit-card scanner versino of Monopoly earlier this week. Seems like a sacrilege to this not-quite-boomer! Also, doesn't allow one to work on math skills as much as making change with old-skool paper money would :^)



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