Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Worship, play, and little buddies.

Church on Sunday. This week, the church that met on our campus before the quake was meeting again for the first time since the quake. It's called Port-au-Prince Fellowship, and it's led by a missionary but has a much higher percentage of Haitians attending than the house church we'd been to before. The house was packed! It was really amazing. The worship style is live (vs. the DVD we used at the house church) and is very long- probably over an hour of deep, intimate worship on Sunday. Perhaps that's not normal, because there wasn't a sermon, but I loved it- my soul has been longing for that.
"Animal" and Steve, the director of Quisqueya. Remember when Ben posted about going to change money in the market with the crazy-haired friend of John? Turns out he's the pastor of this church! It's a part of Haitian culture that you really dress up for church, and having a good outfit and neat hair are really important. Someone told us that this pastor has crazy hair on purpose, to push back against the idea that you have to look good to come to church. I love it:) He does have a very thick Boston accent, and it was so cool to hear it.
Prosthetics and spray paint. There were a few of Ben's pics from his trip to the hospital with the prosthetics guy Jason that I wanted to post, including this one. The prosthetics come in a light color, so Jason just spray paints them one of several shades of brown to match the recipient's skin tone.
Little buddy at the tent hospital Ben visited.
Handsome husband and another little buddy at tent hospital. When kids see the camera, they REALLY want their picture taken, and they always want to see the image on the little screen.
On Sunday night, I really wanted to watch the Oscars. Call me shallow, but I really like the speeches, and the dresses, and the suspense of waiting for the winners. I asked around, but couldn't find anybody with a TV. So instead, Ben and I were sitting outside at sunset, when all of a sudden all the children of our Haitian workers who currently are staying on campus came over and started playing with us. It was an incredibly sweet little hour- far better than the Oscars:)

Ben and this little man played on the makeshift tetherball.
The kids at play
Trampoline was a big hit! It was tiny, and also mostly broken, so it was probably technically not very safe... but they absolutely loved it. I held their little hands to pull them high up in between bounces. I said the phrase "just one!" about a hundred times because they all wanted to jump at once.
Probably shouldn't be playing on this..... but they really loved pretending to lift weights:)
Dirty little shoes. Did I mention the leaves are falling here? Apparently our 80's weather is the trees' cue that it's the depths of winter:)
This little friend was in a terrible mood and was very mopey. A little love was in order.
The scene
The two littlest girls, Sarah (in the red shirt) and Larisa (in the pink) found these tiny chairs somewhere, and also somehow produced very dirty little baby dolls to sit in them.
Sarah and her baby. I wish she could have better.
Another development- the Army's rolling out. They started packing up this week and have completely deconstructed the huge tents on our soccer field in the last few days. We're excited to have some space back but very unsure about what their departure means for us as a campus. Pray about this if you have a moment.
Boys will be boys:) When the tents started coming down, the boys (including one very special 26-year-old boy in the white here) reclaimed their soccer field at lunch time.
A Quincy spotting! Remember our little friend with the broken femur who was so critically ill right after the quake? He came out of traction a week or so ago and was sitting around with a hard cast. Now he's up and moving! Praise God!


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