Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dance Dance Revolution

This might smack of self-promotion, which I will always immediately apologize for, but Katie and I felt it was too good not to share.

Katie and I were very blessed and encouraged today to hear that our former school district (Richardson Independent School District in Richardson, TX) will be donating proceeds from one of their events to work in Haiti. So if you live in Dallas and are looking for something to do on Saturday, March 27th at noon, put on your best Wranglers and Justin boots and scoot over to Pearch High School. It will cost you 5 bucks. Afterward, go to Campisi's or Burger House for lunch at Coit & Campbell, which is the center of Katie's universe. Your stomach will be glad you did.
Someone is owed a very big thank you. But who?

Just in case you were wondering, we have decided to use this donation to invest in a Haitian-run non-profit that is sponsoring school tuition, meals, uniforms, supplies, etc for bright Haitian kids who come from extremely poor families. You see, all school is expensive here- there are no good, free, public schools for poor kids. You can't even have a chance unless you can pay. The average TOTAL ANNUAL cost of going to a good school (including uniforms, supplies, lunch) is only about $350, so this donation will change a life (or several lives!).

PS Another big shout out to Moss Haven Elementary in that same Richardson district. Their Beta Club raised over $5,000 for another charity in Haiti!

B and K

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  1. Since when did all 4 RISD schools have CW dance teams? Must have been after our time! Yay for RISD!!!



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