Monday, March 15, 2010

Bugs and Soccer Day

Friday was a day of great itching and great playing.

Bedbugs: the Visual Evidence
The offending chair.
A few of the offending bedbugs. Our boss is sending them off to a lab somewhere?! He was really great, and even offered to let us move into his house if we found any more.
Maybe 1/8th of the bites
Happier topic. On Friday, Denny led chapel and it was really fun. He brought lots of show-and-tell items from the home of his in-laws, who have lived in Haiti 50 years and have quite a collection.
Friday was a very fun day because as a last- minute surprise, it was announced that we would only be having a half-day of classes. At 12 we had a special lunch- hamburgers and French fries!
Then, from 1-3 the whole school got to come out to the bleachers and participate in a Soccer Day! This was to celebrate getting our soccer field back after the US Army has been using it since the week after the quake. They packed up their tents last week, so all the kids were dying to play. Soccer is about the only sport any of our kids play (other than some who love basketball), not only because it's popular with Haitians in general, but also because it's play-able in a place like Haiti (definitely not a lot of golf or gymnastics going on here).
 We rotated the age levels through with short, 15-minute games. It was great weather and they all loved it.
#1 soccer fans
My besties Gabriel and Carla. They're in Pre-K/K and I LOVE them both. I love Gabriel's mischievous spirit, and I love Carla's ever-changing colorful hair decor. Gabriel told me this was his "lion face".
Gabriel cheering on the teams. He is the tiniest kid in the whole school, and I simply adore him.
Ben and the high school team
The game between the junior high and high school ended in a shootout. It was tied for the first two shots. Then Annabelle scored the winning goal!
Elementary cheers! They named themselves the Tigers:)

What a great day. Bite update: much better. Healing pretty well.

Coming up: Photos of our weekend adventure with John Ackerman to Downtown Port-au-Prince. For the first time, we saw the hardest-hit areas, the largest tent city in the country, and the downed National Palace and National Cathedral.


PS We're back in our classrooms! Things move quickly around here, and we were told this weekend we'd be allowed to move back in to a few classrooms in our former high school building now that the US Army is really drawing down. It was a bit confusing today- new locker assignments, trying to find all our old books and papers- but so good to have a window A/C unit, a big clean whiteboard, and more room to spread out the kids.

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  1. I have to say that from my expertise on bed bugs....I think that is what you have! I love you both very much and you continue to be in my prayers every day! we miss you here in TEJAS! keep up the great work! you are truly angels doing the big guy upstairs' work! xoxo~ Caro



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