Sunday, February 7, 2010

Un mes

This was us on Tuesday, December 29 at DFW airport, about to pass through security and fly to Haiti for the first time. My mom snapped this pic on her iPhone and we prayed before jumping in line. This week will be one month since the quake. I cannot, absolutely can not, fathom the changes that occurred in my life, internal and external, in this last one month.

This moment was like the one where you're at the edge of the high dive. You waited in line, but your wet feet up each hot metal step, and now you're putting your toes over the rough edge, looking down, feeling the springs beneath you. Hold your breath, grab your nose, and go.


PS Two cool things:

and the announcement from AT&T that they're waiving cell phone charges from Haiti from January 12 (quake day) to February 28. Thanks, AT&T!


  1. An unbelievable month indeed. You can't begin to imagine how hard it was to snap that picture and leave the airport--trusting that God had a plan for you and Ben that I just couldn't wrap my mind around yet. And oh how big that plan got in a hurry! It's a good thing that God unveils things one day at a time.....not sure I could have handled the events of the past month if I had known them up front :)

    So proud of your service, and the courage and grace under fire that you both have shown.

    Love you both, Mom

  2. Hey Katie!
    I'm interning at an elementary school right now in Arkansas and I have shared your blog with the other interns. We are all praying for you and Ben. You two are making such a difference in this world and thank you for sharing your experiences with everyone. We'll keep praying!
    :) Megan Fawley



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