Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sunday Drive Pt. 3

I had to wait nearly a week to get the pictures from John, but I feel like they were worth it.
As I mentioned in part 2, John saw that something was happening up ahead of us long before I did.
Haitian people come streaming in, having heard the helicopter and peoples' shouts about food.
They all rush the food dropped from the helicopter. John comments that in a situation like this it is the fast and the strong that get the most food. Think about the implications of that. Are the fast and the strong always the hungriest or most in need?

Then the helicopter makes its pass.
You can see in the bottom part of the picture- more people running toward the food, late to arrive. Women and children.
How close is too close to a Blackhawk?


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  1. Hey Ben and Katie!
    We're back, and really enjoyed catching up. It is great to see the faces of those you work with (below). Thanks for sharing that, Katie. I'll be praying for your students by name now!
    And Ben, it's so great to read of your adventures. Leon especially loved your experience with American malt liquor... served by Germans... in remote Haiti, no less. Too funny! You just never know what you're gonna get!

    Keep teaching, loving, and sharing it all with us!
    Kim :)



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