Thursday, February 11, 2010


It finally happened. I think we're on day 29? It's the dry season. Last night it rained- pouring, hard rain- for hours.  It woke me about 4:30 am.

Can you even imagine what last night was like for most Haitians?

You live in a tent city. You sleep on the dirt ground. Your shelter is made of sticks and bedsheets. People use the restroom on the ground just a stone's throw from where you sleep and eat. You're already sick and grieving. Then it starts to rain. And you get soaked. Nowhere to go to be dry, you just.get.wet. You can't keep your kids dry. The few things you have are waterlogged and muddy now.

Most Haitians are still living in fear- they won't go in buildings. One of my 11th grade students told me yesterday that her entire family (I think there are six of them or so) is sleeping on mattresses on the floor in the front entryway of their house. The house was undamaged, yet they sleep in the shadow of the front door, four weeks later, because they are all so afraid.

Pray against disease outbreaks and against contamination of the water system following this rain.



  1. Praying. God be with them. God be with them.

  2. Thank you for your faithful ground level reports. As happens, the day to day news here has switched to the next news de jour, with only short references to Haiti. Thankfully you have an army of prayer warriors and the Holy Spirit on your side. Stay strong, God bless.



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