Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I kick, stretch, and KICK! I'm 50!

Today's post is dedicated to the greatest lady I know - my mom! Happy 50th birthday, Sus!
Here she is dancing around the house on my wedding day. 
Now, a little walk down memory lane...
Here we are after I read a letter from her, right before putting on my wedding dress. Mom is always an encourager. She's a "words" person like me, and I cherish all her notes.
 Just put on my veil, now it's time to head to church!
 Exiting the church. She's too foxy for 50!
 With her mother.
 Baylor Homecoming
Taking in a little baseball with Dad
 Graduation Day from Baylor
Sometimes we match accidentally. 
Well, since we have the same three favorite colors (white, red, and black), this happens a little bit more than "sometimes".
Christmas Dinner at the Crowes'. Traditional English poppers are a yearly favorite, and they include paper crowns.
Visiting me in DC when I interned for Sen. Hutchison.
All-University SING weekend, last semester at Baylor.
Pi Beta Phi Moms' Day
Matt's going away party to the Marines.
Yes, the Marines. Did I mention my mother has one chicken in Haiti, and one chicken in the Marines? This woman is one tough cookie. 
PS, did I mention she makes really good cookies? True story.

I love you, Mom! I hope you have the very best day! I'm sad we can't be there in person, but we'll celebrate you anyway from here! 

Love, K
PS - Shout out to McShan's Florist in Dallas. I was pretty skept about ordering birthday flowers for Mom from Haiti online and having it work out, but they delivered beautiful flowers (in a tea cup- how adorable is that?) for a very reasonable price, same-day delivery, during Valentine's week, no less. Sic em McShan's.

And PPS - we have another birthday kid this week. It's Ben, this Friday! Let's think of all the ways to celebrate him!


  1. What a sweet tribute to your mom! You are indeed blessed (and so is she!)!!! I think you have her strength--she is one of the strongest people I know! Love to you, Katie--our prayers continue to be with you and Ben and the work you are doing. Much love,

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom! The Christmas poppers are a tradition in my family too! How fun! We all go around the table and read our joke too!

  3. Your Mom (Hi Susan!) hasn't changed one bit since the day that she walked into our dorm room and told me that I WOULD keep my side of the room clean because she wouldn't tolerate anything else. She scared me and I did as I was told. She is a precious friend.

  4. I just found your blog from the verrieres....i didn't really think I knew who you were... but after today's blog.... I now know... my husband taught your brother at Parkhill and I think we did FCA at your house sometimes!
    We are praying for you and Ben. May God fill you with peace and hope for Haiti.

  5. I love this! so precious of you both! I emailed your mom today to tell her happy bday! Have a wonderful night! Love you!



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