Monday, February 1, 2010

Great News Story

nOne of our readers and friends in Dallas directed us to the link below. It has a great story about an elementry school that has done a fundraiser to benifit our school, QCS. It also has a nice link to our blog, which we always appreciate. Thanks Lake Highlands Elementry!


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  1. That school is right down the road frome me! How neat that it's going to your school! (My daughters school is also collecting coins but it's for Haiti Relief in general.) It's so touching to see these kids come in w/coins from their piggy banks. :)
    I have to say your last post about the bottle of wine and still "living" touched me immensely. We are praying for you guys and follow each and every post. Hang in there and yes...thanks be to God.
    ~Two in TX



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