Thursday, February 4, 2010

Giving, Sending, Coming

We've had lots of questions from people interested in helping Haiti through giving financially, sending supplies, or coming with a mission team. Some thoughts:

1. Giving financially is the best, most efficient, fastest way to get involved with helping Haitians right now. I know, it feels hollow and abstract. You want to rock an orphan to sleep or build somebody a new roof. I'm the same way. But. Sending money electronically is instantaneous- a relief group can go grocery shopping today with your donation. It also allows relief groups to buy exactly what they need, and buy it in-country, thereby stimulating the local economy. If giving to the giants like the Red Cross feels too impersonal, here are the ministries we know the best and trust:
Hope Orphanage and is a fantastic home for 20 little girls
TeacHaiti is an educational sponsorship program that provides tuition, lunch, books, supplies, uniforms
Child Hope does it all- girls' and boys' homes, feeding program, clinic, and more
Heartline has a birthing center, prenatal classes, new baby program, nutrition, mens' discipleship, and a church

2. Sending physical items is not the best way to help Haiti. It is extremely inefficient to buy those items in the US, ship them to Haiti, and distribute them here. One reason is the consumption of energy and money required to ship them here. Another is that packages will likely get caught up in a corrupt customs process, and a bribe may be requested to get them out. Just send cash!

3. Coming down to Haiti with a mission team is an option. Quisqueya, our school, was hosting medical teams on campus, but are no longer doing so after May 2010 to focus on education for our fall semester. Two groups of our friends- Christian Service International and Child Hope- are currently coordinating mission trips to Port-au-Prince.

You guys are being so very generous- enlisting your small groups, your workplaces, your classrooms, your churches- to help people you've never met!

I'm so proud of our community.



  1. Believe me, I'm not reading this to focus on spelling, but at least you can tell I'm reading!

  2. Ben and Katie- I was at Quisqueya with an Antioch team (week 7). I just saw the write-up on you in the Baylor Alum magazine and had to say hello! Practicing emergency medicine in Haiti changed me- loved being there. So excited to see how God will use you two! Blessings, Katie Burk



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