Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Encouraging Week

Two days ago I led chapel for our kiddos at Quisqueya, and my favorite part was playing a game. I had a few students from each age level join me on stage and they had to shout out items from categories like cereals, candies, flowers, colors, etc. If you say "um" or repeat, you're out.Well, it got down to the tiniest, most adorable kid, Gabriel, and an 8th grader. Needless to say, I made sure Gabriel won:)
It is so encouraging to see some friends from home! Adam and Ryan are two guys from Texas who are here doing videography and photography on assignment with an NGO to raise awareness. They are actually sleeping in a tent city this week and forming relationships there, but they're keeping some things at our house and resting there every so often. They came over for dinner, and Adam really enjoyed playing with some finger puppets.
Eating dinner. Fantastic conversations. What amazing guys. I'd love prayers for Ryan's health- they are getting very little sleep in the tent city and Ryan is sick today.
I like the very serious pensive looks coupled with the toy animal finger puppets. These toys were left in our apartment by one of the teachers at the school who is now back in the states (Katie M, thank you!), and today Ryan and Adam shared them with all the kids of the tent city. They said there was a giant mob- the toys were a hit!
Melody, Maika, Steph, Marlee, and Ebony in chapel. I really, really love the kids I'm teaching.
Yesterday Mrs. Jean-Charles said that one of her students would really like to share her "earthquake story", which all of the students at the school have been writing, but to date none have been interested in sharing. This girl asked to read her story in chapel, and she bravely shared what she and her family experienced the day of the quake. After she was bold enough to share, a junior high boy came forward and told me he wanted to share, too- so her boldness is now empowering him to do the same. Good for her!

A second grief counselor has arrived today to stay for four weeks. I'm excited to offer time with him to the students tomorrow.
Chikie!! Yesterday I'm in the middle of going over a recently taken English test with the 7th and 8th graders when Mr. Day, who has been on his R&R time visiting his family in Texas, marches in announcing a "special delivery for Mrs. Kilpatrick". He's come straight from the airport and pulls out a bag of Chik-fil-A! Apparently, my sneaky mother and some collaborators at her office and our newlywed small group hatched and executed a plan to deliver Chik-fil-A to us in Haiti:) Apparently there was recon involved, as they mapped every Chik-fil-A near the Florida airport through which Mr. Day flew back to Haiti. I couldn't be more touched. We're savoring our Chikie Nuggets!
Yum! (PS Linds and El- the drapes are great!!)
Yesterday another friend arrived named Anna. Anna has spent the last 5-plus years overseas, so she is a vet, and it is so refreshing to have her here. She brought more goodies with her, including this PRICELESS gift from Olivia, our dear friend and budding artist. She even drew Ben's glasses:) Plus, behind the beautiful drawings is a blanket from Olivia's mother- we've been just sleeping with a flat sheet and she blessed us with a blanket. The package also included dozens of bottles of children's vitamins that we've already distributed to Heartline clinic- Kim, Steph, and Anna, thank you, thank you!

School is ramping up and I am feeling great today. What encouragement this week has brought. On Tuesday I gave a test and was disappointed with the results, so I told my students I wanted to have a short individual conference with each one to discuss their grades and what they might do differently next time. This prompted really amazing individual time with each student- something I haven't had. While I asked about their study habits, the conversations quickly went in many directions, and we were able to bond. I gave another assignment today and it went MUCH better, and I am so encouraged. One kid even said that one reason he's struggling is that he can't see well in the back- I had no idea! What an easy thing to fix- he'll be switched to the front row tomorrow. I'm so very glad we had those talks.

Another answer to prayer- a team has arrived on campus that specializes in prosthetics. They are using one of our science labs to assemble prosthetics for Haitians with recent amputations- a HUGE need.

Tomorrow we're having a chat with board members from an organization that sponsors Haitian kids' education (tuition, fees, books, uniforms, etc), and Saturday we're going on a food drop for the first time- can't wait, can't wait.



  1. Hugs, Katie. I am SO happy to read this post. Please give my kids my love. It sounds like you are doing wonderfully with them. I'm jealous but grateful. :-)

  2. YAY! It's great to see that you're feeling "loved on" from people back home! We really do keep you in our thoughts and prayers!

    I LOVE that first picture, Katie. It's just a great glimpse of YOU, THERE! And I was blessed hearing of your individual conferences with your students. I can absolutely imagine how wonderful those were to connect more personally with each one! What a great thing! God is so good!

    Can't wait to hear about the food drop! Be alert, stay safe... and have fun with eyes wide open! :)

    Love to you two... and send my love to Anna, too!
    Kim :)

  3. Yes, your mother is sneaky. Sweet but sneaky. And Chick-Fil-A can fix most anything, at least I think so.

  4. Love that you are feeling loved because you are!!! Sorry the blanket was not grayish, but glad you are enjoying it. LOVE YOU BOTH!!!

  5. I love looking back at previous blogs and seeing how God answers prayers. When you came back from the DR, you were feeling a little worried about getting "revved back up" for the remaining months of the semester. I am so encouraged to see how God has provided JUST THE RIGHT people and circumstances at JUST THE RIGHT time to refresh you. He is so sufficient.

    Love you both, Mom

  6. A great update! Thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date, I know that you both are extremely busy! We continue to pray for you and all that you are doing.

    Love to you both! Bill & Susan Davis

  7. Yesterday I subbed for a group of US 7th graders. Tough group. I almost hate to say it, but perhaps this country needs a little hardship so our kids here appreciate what their education means. Glad you are able to share your hearts and God's blessings with your kids. Keep it up.

  8. Katie, great post! Glad to see ya'll are doing well. Keep up the great work. Be safe.



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