Tuesday, February 23, 2010

El Raton

We have had a 4-legged problem in our on-campus apartment since we moved in right after the quake. For awhile, he was just a scratching noise in the ceiling, then he was shadow Katie swore she saw. Even one of our roommates, Madame Jules, said she saw it too. El Raton.

He has been everywhere. The kitchen, the bathroom, the living room. We even battled once in my closet. He had the high ground- one of our shelves that is at eye level. I had a broom. He ran, thinking he could live to fight another day.

Luckily my mother-in-law sent chemical weapons- the finest rat poison one can buy in a suburban Dallas Target.

I found his rotting carcass in my closet yesterday, close to where we once had our skirmish. I found him because he was stinking up our closet. He was easily 14 inches nose to tail, his body stiff from rigor mortis. I am pretty sure he kicked the bucket while we were in the DR.

Despite any bravado portrayed in my writing I was a big sissy about this. I had a grown-up temper tantrum before I went in to get him out. Captured below by Katie:

Here lies my enemy vanquished.
And this is his last know resting place- our trash bag. Which was promptly thrown into another dumpster.
I do not know if he had any family, friends or acquaintances who will miss him, but should they want to avenge his death I am ready.


  1. I could have waited until after breakfast. However, Gary would have also had a HUGE temper-tantrum and maybe not even followed through. Im proud of you! YUCK

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. oops, didn't mean to delete that.

    Katie!! Love the curtains, they look awesome!

  4. Ata' boy, Ben - survivor of shaky-quake and conqueror of the scritching-scratching middle-of-the-night menace. Don't know if you can get your hands on this type of material around there right now, but if you can get some steel wool and a can of "Great Stuff" expanding foam product, or similar, it can keep those varmints out. Plug the steel wool in any crevice or whole 1/4" or larger (those suckers don't need much room to get in) and then spray the foam all around and among the hole. The rats may tray to eat through but the steel wool will kill them. If you can't get that stuff, it is possible to ship it to you? Not sure about government regulations in shipping even store bought chemicals or aerosol products. Then again it sounds like Susan was able to send rat poison, so if I need to ship you some of those other things I will - just say the word. I hate me some rats for ya...

  5. Hilarious!!!!! Made me laugh out loud!

  6. Oh my goodness! Y'all are hilarious... Did you HAVE to share the photos on this one!?! Gave me the willies!

    For your sake (as unlikely as it is) I'll pray he doesn't have any friends or family!

    Love you both!

  7. What is the Kreyol for rat? Need to work on those language skills! :^)

  8. Thanks for writing about your experiences. I've made a small donation to the school. All the best to you and to the people of Haiti.

  9. Everyone has to go...and now was his time. You are the victor and to the victor goes....well usually that is the spoils but in this case it might just be the house.



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