Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bus Journalism

I was absolutely riveted by the view from my bus seat as we traveled from Port-au-Prince to Santo Domingo last week. I set my camera on the mode that guards against blur and tried to capture the multiple universes on this one little island of Hispanola.
On the top right, notice the hillside covered in slums.
This is an example of a small tent city, just cropping up in the empty space between two buildings.
This is an unedited photo- I left it this way to show the crazy amount of dust in the air all the time. It's like a layer of white over the photo.
I'm guessing this was the cows' home first.
Tell me, how well are these homes going to hold up in the rainy season, or, God forbid, a hurricane?
The American Embassy. A little piece of home. Notice those pavers, that landscaping, those antennae...
Church on the Haitian Day of Prayer.
A tent city a little outside the city.
This is a tap-tap, the Haitian public taxis. You jump on (along with about 20 other people at a time) and then "tap" on the sides to let the driver know you want off. They are all very colorful and are everywhere. Such fascinating images on this one...
Rural Haiti, near the DR border where the mountains are high.
Beautiful, alien rock formations just before the DR border.
The first home I saw on the DR side of the border. No gate, no barbed wire, nice car, big trees.
The DR isn't all wealth, though, by any means.
Home in the Dominican Republic

Starting with this photo above, the rest were taken back on the Haiti side of the border when we were returning to Port-au-Prince.
Gas station in Port-au-Prince, full of tap-taps.
Cemetery at sunset. 



  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. They speak volumes.

  2. Dearest Katie and Ben,
    I follow your blog almost daily and find it riveting. I think that you all should take the blog entries and the amazing pictures and write a book. I am truly serious! Your blog is adventurous,suspenseful,heart wrenching,inspiring,humourous and human. It tells two moving stories- one of Haiti and its people and the other more personal story of Katie and Ben's journey of life. I think it would be a best seller!!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you both,
    Susie Schweikert



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