Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hey gang. Gotta keep this relatively short.

K, will update with pics later.
Today was great, we finally got to get our hands (more?) dirty with the relief effort. Convoy of Hope (great organization) was running a medical clinic and food distribution center off of Delmas 75. Katie treated basic cuts and I carried a stretcher all day!

This disaster has shown me the beautiful side of man kind that we often forget. We want to key in on how we ignore suffering and the plight of others, but the last 4 days has shown me that there are people who will drop everything and come to a country to give stitches that will close a wound that won't get infected and kill some 4 year old. I talked with people today who have responded to every major disaster in the last 10 years. I want to be like those people.

I have felt the love and kindness of strangers who want to see compassion poured out on people.

I know that humanity is capable of terrible things, but I also know we can be wonderful sometimes. Right now I am only experiencing the good we are capable of... I reserve the right to change my mind if food riots break out in the coming days...

Thank you to every reader, donor, and prayer warrior out there. We appreciate your efforts more than you could ever imagine.

BTW if this makes no sense please remember I carried people with broken limbs all day and am typing via candlelight.




  1. Hi my name is Dani and I am a student at Shelton School. Your aunt is one of my teachers, Mrs.Crowe. I am doing a project where I am collecting anything I can for Haiti, like clothes, food, and sleeping bags. Please tell me what you guys need in Haiti. The question I had was what organization or group I know and can trust is going to deliver the things in Haiti. Please comment back. Thank you! Hope everything is getting a little better.

  2. Thanks for the Update Bro. I will pass it on at Fellowship Metro tomorrow night. We will be praying for you.


  3. I absolutely LOVE the excitement in your "voice" or your typing! I know it seems crazy to the world that you are staying and not evacuating, but I'm with you guys! I'm so proud you are following Christ's call and I pray your spirits remain high as you continue to minister to these people... It will be a long road to recovery for them, but with love from the Body of Christ, they will.
    Love you guys!!

  4. Ben and Katie,

    Your blogs are so inspiring to Betsy and me. I have just read the entire update to Betsy and we have a hard time keeping our composure. What you reminded us today was that as Americans we get too much information, most of it negative, but this is a reminder of what I believe humanity really stands for; most of which are now involved showing what Christians are reflections of. Such a beautiful example of what the Lord can do if we just keep our eyes on Him. Thank you again for what you are doing and we continue to keep you in our prayers.

    Bill and Betsy

  5. Love you Ben!! I love hearing about the experience through your eyes! I am praying for you always!!

    Stephanie :)

  6. Jason and I and people in our church in Houston are praying for you both and the people of Haiti. It sounds to me that God brought you to this place for such a time as this. God Bless you!

  7. Ben and Katie,
    Your website touched my heart, and I applaud you guys for what you are doing. The Lord truly annointed you and has sent you to do his Will. My prayers are with you, and I pray for release of the aid. I would also like to know the answer to Danielle's question about what organization can we trust to get the things that you guys need delivered to you? Let us know, and May God continue to guide and strengthen you.

  8. Thank you, Ben, for speaking from your own experience a belief that I have held for some time... that God is always present everywhere, and in crises like these, can be seen working through ordinary human beings.

    Love & Blessings,
    Vicki Lapp



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