Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today is the first day of class! I'm in the teacher's lounge (where Facebook isn't blocked) waiting for 3rd period, when my classes begin. Our classroom is Katie-tized:) It was previously a spare room, so it was swarming with mosquitoes and junky old posterboards from projects past. Nothing on the walls. Now I like it very much:) I've always thought if I were a teacher I'd make an inspiration board of interesting articles, images, beautiful things, and other bits of learning. Luckily my classroom (and Ben's- we're sharing) has a giant spare bulletin board..... Will it look like this? In my dreams...

One of my old friends Keas writes a fantastic blog, and his latest entry contains a marvellous thought. He's discussing how Christmas is about God dropping "a bomb in the form of a baby", and the second verse of "O Night Divine":

We’ve now come to the last bit of the song where it speaks of “sweet hymns of joy” and praise. We’re reminded that this is indeed a joyful task we’ve been called to. And that’s why I’ve given my whole life to it. There’s nothing in all the world I would rather do than be a part of God bringing his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Everything else just seems boring in comparison.


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