Thursday, January 21, 2010


The director of Quisqueya Christian School and I were discussing our need for a flag or a motto. I gave serious consideration to this. Initially I thought a pirate flag would be great, but seeing as Captain Mike Leech has been removed from service (tragedy) I thought I might need a new look. So I have decided on the image above. It was a emblem and motto of unity during the American Revolutionary War. So I am unofficially making it the motto of BKNH (benandkatieinhaiti) and QCS. Does anyone know where I can get this image on a flag? Carry on.


  1. You can go to for your flag. It's probably a good benandkatieinhaiti motto with the TX style rattlesnake and all but you might what to check with the director of the school before you hang these all over the campus ha! Praying for you constantly. Had lunch with lil elle today. She's enjoying her work at fellowship of Christian athletes and her BOYFRIEND.

  2. While in TX, I saw a bumper sticker with a flag of TX and text "We don't dial 911". Sounds appropriate for your first week of this disaster. Nobody was home at 911 for a while. Glad things are improving.

  3. I heartily approve. I have a t-shirt with that image on the back, as well as the words "Liberty or Death" emblazoned over the top. It always makes me feel incredibly empowered whenever I wear it to the gym.

    I'm glad you guys are safe and doing well, and I've been enjoying following along with all that you're doing.



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