Sunday, January 17, 2010

Little Guy

Just a quickie update - the little boy with the broken femur and head wounds was gone last night when I returned from working at Quisqueya Chapel's medical clinic, so I assumed he was taken to one of the now-running clinics/hospitals around. YES he was - praise God! He went to Hospital Espoir, where our school nurse Miquette has been yesterday and today, and several of our students are translating.  The hospital was closed for a day or two following the quake due to complete floods of patients of totally running out of supplies, but it has now opened again since aid and doctors are coming.

Ben saw this little guy this morning when he delivered bleach to the hospital from Quisqueya's cleaning supplies, and he was returned to his family on our campus this evening. BOTH legs are in a portable traction system - only knew about one fracture initially. I'm sure the hospital gave him good wound care for the head cuts, too, and probably some good meds to take home. Praise God!

He also found some action figures somewhere...



  1. Hey Ben, this is Sander. I heard about you guys today and wanted you to know my wife and I are praying for you. God's obviously sent you for this specific purpose. We trust Him that healing, both physical and spiritual, will flow through you to the Haitians. Keep it up, man...we're with you in spirit.

  2. Hey Katie!

    What kind of physicians do you see the most need for there? I know it might be different in a disaster situation compared to regular missions work, but let me know if you see a need for a specific kind. I'd imagine general surgeons are needed...anyone else? Praying for you guys still; man you guys are cool.


  3. So glad to hear good news! What a sweet little boy and so glad that he got the medical attention he needed.

    Why do I feel like I have to comment on every post?? :) Just want you to know I read every word and LOVE hearing from you.


  4. Hi...we're Travis & Shelby Chick from Tyler, TX...and we learned of you today in sunday school at Green Acres Baptist Church through a prayer request. We have been totally amazed by your blog and all that The Lord is doing through the both of you! We're praying for all that is around you & the inspiration you will bring to these people throughout this horrible tragedy! We will continue to keep up with you guys in the coming weeks. God Bless!

  5. Hi Katie and Ben - it's Elle's mom (lisa) in Virginia. I have been praying so much for you and you were immediately put on the prayer list at Calvary Chapel Lynchburg. I am amazed at your strength and pray that Jesus will continue to sustain you and use you to bless the Haitian people. xoxo

  6. Saw your blog on facebook posted by a sweet friend from church. I am praying for your safety.... for God's wisdom in your decisions..... for provisions of food & water to make it to you & the people. Lifting you up at this moment....

    -Suzanne (Texas)

  7. This was passed to me. Thank you for your serving hearts. You are not only serving in Haiti but also serving me and others to get a better understanding for what is going on there on the ground.

    Praying for your path right now. God's light on each step.

  8. Hi Katie,
    I read about you in the Dallas paper and looked up your blog. I loved what you and your husband were doing in Haiti, then donated to you through paypal after seeing the precious pictures of the orphans. It felt funny giving to someone I didn't know, but the Holy Spirit just made it feel right. All this to say, we have a connection! God works in funny ways. My daughter Jessica came over last night and mentioned her roommate Eden has a good friend in Haiti. I asked if it was Katie, and she said yes, ben & katie in Haiti. They were Pi Phi's with you at Baylor! Small world. I now feel like I know you in some small way, and look forward to praying for you and your husband and following your blog. God Bless!

  9. Dear Katie and Ben,

    I do hope you get these letters... our children wrote these letters yesterday at church... We have been studying God's chuch and how we can be co-workers and yesterday our scripture was Romans 13:9...

    The kids and Lindsay our assistant sent these with much love...

    Please know that we are covering you with our prayers...

  10. Dearest Katie,
    I check about twice a day for updates to your blog. What an amazing experience you and Ben are having. I pray for your safety and for you all to find the strength to continue what you are doing and know when it is time to take a break from it all too. Sam and Jay are following your blog also. With much love and concern,
    Susie Schweikert

  11. Love you both! loved talking to you yesterday ben! prayers keep coming! ~ caro

  12. I, too, found you through the Dallas Morning News article and am lifting you in prayer as you minister to ALL the needs there in Haiti. God's work is surely abounding there through the perseverance, suffering, and selflessness of those who love the Lord Jesus in Haiti. Fill your mind and heart constantly with the Word and His promise to live His life through you especially at this crucial time. The believers here in the US are praising God for people such as yourself who He is using to bring hope and help at this time!

  13. Ben & Katie -
    My name is Josh Holden, and I work for a non-profit Christian organization called Bluefish TV. We produce video-based Bible studies for small groups. I came across your name from a friend at work, her name is Denise Dugger Tidwell and she is a member at First Baptist Church Richardson. Katie, she connected me with your parents, and it was your parents that gave me your contact info. We are currently working on a project with Max Lucado that is called Outlive Your Life. We are in the process of trying to locate people who are willing to share their stories on camera. These are stories of people who are using their time, skills, and passions for the kingdom of God. People who are willing to trade in the pursuit of the American dream for a world that desperately needs Christ. The goal of the video series is to inspire the viewers to search for ways to tangibly make an impact in their schools, neighborhoods, and around the world. We would appreciate the opportunity to come to Haiti and interview the two of you. If there is a better way to contact you please let me know, I look forward to hearing from you soon. You and the people of Haiti are in our prayers.

    Josh Holden
    Bluefish TV

  14. praying for you, the people of Haiti and your wonderful work in Texas. Found your blog thru Baylor friend. God will surely bless you for your servant hearts!

  15. I think the little girl I sponsor is down there in the pictures of the Three Angels kids!

  16. Katie and Ben, I just love getting these updates... so much easier to pray when we feel like we really know what's going on! Thank you for sharing with us, and PRAISE GOD that you're able to have internet access!!
    Also VERY COOL that BluefishTV wants to film you guys! I'd say invite Josh on down ASAP! :) The world needs to see more people like you, so that a life of service becomes the NORM rather than the exception!
    Love y'all!

  17. New to your blog but praying for you both and the people of Haiti. That God would give you strength and your daily portion each day. He is the Good Shepherd and knows his sheep by name. May God bless you as you are the hands and feet of Jesus.




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