Thursday, January 28, 2010

Less sickie

"I am only one, but I am one. I can't do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, that I ought to do. And what I ought to do, by the grace of God, I shall do." - Edward Everett Hale

Feeling a bit better today. I truly think I have never been so sick as I was yesterday. I had a high fever- covered in fleece blankets, but freezing, in the fetal position.  Stomach troubles very often. The height of indignity- I'm in the restroom at 2 am, feeling absolutely terrible, and who should poke his little head out of the bathroom cabinet door? El raton. I stomped my feet on the floor to make noise, and he ran back inside.

At about six or seven last night I had Ben go get a doctor from the Acts of Mercy team - a group from the church I attended in college that is staying here on campus. Two doctors came up and saw me. They asked lots of questions, prodded a bit at my kidneys and appendix, and proscribed some meds: a hefty sleeping pill/anti-nausea, ibuprofin to bring down the fever, a sip of Gatorade every ten minutes, another anti-nausea. Very, very sick.

I woke up today around noon, took a shower, and felt much better. I ate a granola bar. Listened to Ben teach my classes in my living room (did I mention, we're teaching classes in our living room of our on-campus apartment, due to space constraints/distractions in our one-room school house?).

And then. Joy of joys - CARE PACKAGES! My parents had gathered items from other friends and family and then found two aid teams coming to Haiti to send them with. They both arrived today- snacks, TIME magazines, t-shirts, athletic socks, bug spray, shampoo... all the things we'd asked for. Such a blessing! I even ate a few Skittles.

I felt really great for a few hours, now I'm feeling puny-er. Don't want to push it. One of the teachers at our school has a beach house in Haiti, and is letting the other teachers stay a night there on a rotating basis. Apparently Ben and I are going on Saturday- wonderful!

One miraculous story from the doctors tonight. A woman came in, SIXTEEN days after the quake, very pregnant and with a crushed pelvis. They prepared to remove the baby, whom they knew must be dead, so they could hopefully save the mother from infection. Lo and behold, the baby was alive and healthy! Whatever trauma caused the crushed pelvis somehow spared the child- praise God.

Please pray for our little one-room school house as we continue. I'm teaching 7-11th grade English, but don't even have a class set of the textbooks yet.... one step at a time. 66 kids came to school today, more than anyone thought. I did an activity with the kids yesterday where I asked them to raise their hand after I said a sentence if that sentence applied to them. For the sentence, "I'm glad to see my friends again", they all raised their hands. For the sentence "I wish I was out of the country", about half raised their hands. For the sentence, "I don't want to talk about the earthquake" they all raised their hands. I desperately want to take care of their emotional health, but that was a loud and clear signal of their desires. Hmm.

175 doctors slept on this campus last night. 175! I'm so proud of Quisqueya.

To God be all the glory.



  1. Hi Katie,
    Little did we know when we were in Guatemala together that you would be living in the smack dab middle of God's Will. I just wanted you to know that our Bible study group prayed for you today and have been on each Thursday during prayer time. Pam is in our small group and we have given your site out and told them about your story. I hope you will be feeling better very soon!
    Lisa A.

  2. Still unable to completely articulate how great I think you and Ben are. I'm glad you are feeling a little better. I dont know that this will ever be "normal" but I yall have been great at not ever letting situations control you. The love that you are going to be able to give those kids is such a gift! Enjoy your little "getaway" this weekend.

  3. Praise God for medicine and doctors and feeling a little better! God made your body to fight whatever got in there, so if it needs to still fight, let it fight. Praying for all those cells to win soon! :)

    And PRAISE GOD for this little life who must have a special purpose on this earth - to bring Him glory! Praying for that mother, too. The life of her child should help her spirits and give her a will to keep going for sure! Although with a crushed pelvis, on top of being pregnant, I can't imagine what pain she's been experiencing!

    And, as Kara said, YES, have a fabulous time on Saturday, being renewed and refreshed for a bit. May God really use that short time away to give you peace and rest for the tasks ahead of you!

  4. I've been praying for you all day. Just wish I could be there to help. I guess this is the first time you've been really sick that I couldn't at least drive to where you were :( So glad Ben takes such good care of you and that God led the medical team from Antioch to QCS. Just amazing how God weaves all the pieces together. Hope you're feeling even stronger tomorrow and can enjoy your time off this weekend.

    Love you so much, mom

  5. Ben and Katie,
    As always, the world seems to go on after a tragedy. Health care debates, State of Union, partisan politics, unemployment, etc. I know you feel helpless sometimes, but it sounds like you are at least accomplishing something positive. Wish America could put things in perspective, but pretty much the media controls what is on people's minds. Please know that the people of God are with you, and especially He is there beside you. God bless.

  6. Praying that God will bring healing and rest to you and those you are serving.



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