Friday, January 15, 2010

Images burned in my brain

 This is the relative of our lunch lady who is so severely injured. About 3 yrs old. His head cuts are very deep and his eyes are black. His femur is broken. He came in after dark the first night, I held the light while Miquette, our school nurse, did the best she could with neosporin, bandages, and an ace bandage. He is in bad, bad shape, and will be priority #1 when/if surgeons arrive.
 We went to Three Angels Orphanage. The facility was standing, but deep cracks in the walls. All-cinderblock construction. We prayed with the kids, over the kids, and put them in a car to evac to our Quisqueya campus. There are 30 kids under age 5 or 6. The managers had just left to go to the US for fundraising, so a 23-yr-old named Abbey who just returned to Haiti on Monday had been completely in charge of all 30 kids for 3 days. We carried all their mattresses and bedding down to Quisqueya. They're sleeping on the pre-K playground at Quisqueya. The urine smell is overwhelming, but they aren't hungry and are being loved.
 Three Angels' walls fell down. What is on top of every wall in Haiti? Razor wire. So now, the ground is littered with razor wire and broken glass and cinderblocks- literally every square inch of this city is covered in that mix of rubble.
This is the hillside slum behind the house where we went to church. The hillside is destroyed. Only one house needs to start to slide to take out all those beneath it. The people are living on the street.
The CSI (Christian Service International) guest house where mission teams stay.
The Blesh family (I linked to their blog a few days ago) treating the little boy with the severe injuries. That's our picnic area where we eat lunch. Those Haitians are his family- they weep and pray all day and night for him. He's on a door or board- they were tipping him up to get him to drink some liquid kids' Tylenol. 
Three Angels backyard. Their wall backs up to a hillside, was destroyed. Their playground was also ruined, and razor wire was all over the ground.
A six-story hotel under construction just up Delmas from Quisqueya. Many buildings looked like this. The Montana, the big hotel where US people stay- flattened. They pulled out 5 only from a six story hotel. The Carribbean market- the best grocery store- flat. Some teachers spent the entire first night there, they pulled 30 out alive from a full grocery store (5 pm- prime shopping time), digging through with hands and sticks, maybe a crowbar or two.

These boys are relatives of either a lunch lady or school guard. They're living on our soccer field. We bandaged them up best we could and fed them some rice. Luckily they just had cuts and scrapes. The boy in dark blue is now wearing a sling.... of course we don't have xray.

Also, check out for the relief paypal account. I believe it is

We just washed some clothes in a bucket and took a little washcloth bath. I finally got a different pair of clothes from Tuesday- feeling much better. Drank some vegetable juice. We'll head back to the school soon. The choppers are out in force- constantly flying over. We're so humbled by the love and prayers- keep em coming, Team.



  1. Praying for you guys. I'm Ruth Hersey's brother. We appreciate your news. Bless you as you serve Jesus today.

  2. Katie and Ben,

    Your friends at The BOSS Group, Cella, PDC and BLR are thinking of you and would like to help. We are matching donations made by our associates to you in Haiti. Would it be best if we made donations to the Quisqueya relief paypal account instead of your personal acount on this website?

    The people at your school and in Haiti are blessed to have you there. We wish you the best and thank you for the news updates.

    Patricia Edelmann

  3. Ben and Katie

    This is incredible. So thankful that you are OK - and even better than that, praising God that you're able to get stuck in and make a difference at such a vital time. I was living in India at the time of the 2005 Tsunami, but I didn't have the opportunity to help that you guys have. Praying so hard for you. For your health physically, psychologically and spiritually. I feel so priveleged to have faces to pray about.

    Know that you have friends in the UK praying for you too.

    IN HIM -

  4. thank God you are ok, and im glad to hear your working hard to help during this time of devastation. im praying for you and know lots of others who are as well

  5. Hi! I don't know you (I am kathleen williams friend, she sent me your blog) but I am praying for you. I linked to you on my blog so I hope you guys get some more support from that. Please keep us updated, there is a reason you two wonderful people got there just in time for this tragedy, and I hope God gives you both strength as you go forward. Love.

  6. Keep up the good work my friend. You guys are there for "such a time as this." Praying for your safety as well as your continued ability to love and care for so many. Get rest when you can.


  7. All of tribe teamed up and prayed for ya'll last night, 12am eastern time. prayers continue...

  8. those pictures bring tears to my eyes!! i am weeping as i read and type. i am glued to cnn whenever i can and pray for you constantly. god is using you in such a powerful way! how lucky these children are to have y'all loving on them in the middle of all the chaos. we love you!! thank you for the updates.

  9. Wow! I don't know you guys, a friend sent me to your blog, but I am praying hard for your safety and the safety of all those you are helping. God has his hands on you, and he had a reason and purpose in putting you two there through this hard time. I am certain you will be making a huge impact. You will be on my heart and in my prayers for the days and nights to come. Be safe and stay strong. Love you through HIM!

  10. Hey Katie & Ben,
    We have been so worried and are praying for your health and safety. Thanks for being His hands and feet in the recovery efforts. And thanks for updating your blog.
    Big hugs,
    Scott, Lauren & Graham Ward

  11. Ben & Katie,
    We are so happy to hear that you two are ok and safe. Katie, you dont know us, but Ben does. We all went to church together at Frist Baptist Richardson. We are also good friends of Sammy and Sharon Arnold. Keep the updates comming, it calms our fears when we hear that you guys are ok. May the Lord keep you and bless you as you do his good work. Thank you for helping these people through a terrible time. With love in Christ,
    Tammy and Gary Tibbals

  12. Love you both so much! Praying for your physical and emotional strength--for wisdom, discernment, perseverence and safety as you minister. Keep us updated as you can. Mom

  13. Hi Katie and Ben...

    I'm so grateful that I was able to meet both of you right before you left. I knew that God was going to use you in a mighty way - but who could have possibly known this was ahead? We are praying continually for the situation there - and are asking the Lord to cover you with His protection, grace, and provision as you minister to those around you. We are so frustrated that we can't be there to help in person, but we will donate through the school, and if there is anything else we can do - please let us know. We are so grateful to be able to have this "window" of updates into what is happening there. We love you, and thank you for what you are doing... God bless you guys. Much love, the Richardson's (Libby and Sam's "noontime caretakers")

  14. Katie and Ben,the pictures are overwhelming and Betsy and I have been praying for you not stop. We feel so helpless, but looking at the pictures also makes us feel so inadequate. What you are doing is what Jesus has told us all to do all of our lives,and we are so proud of you for your commitment. Betsy talked to Heather today and we will be sure and send the website to her. I know you realize all of us here wish we could ride a magic carpet and suddenly be there to help, but we will continue to pray for you and Ben.

    Bill and Betsy Lott

  15. found your blog through a friend of a friend in dallas. please know that we are praying!

    thank you for the updates!

  16. I just ran across your blog on a news website. My husband and I live in Texas and have discussed adopting from Haiti a couple of years ago. All of this has brought the subject back up. I love what you are doing for the people of Haiti and wish there were more like you. We will pray for you guys and all of the Haitian people.

    ~Two in TX

  17. There was a story on you and your blog today in the Dallas Morning News. I'm sure Gary will mention you guys in church tomorrow. Know that so many people back in Dallas are praying for you and the children and families you serve. No coincidence you are there at this time!

    God bless,
    Victoria Larroca



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