Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Haitian Sabbath

Today is Sunday in Port-au-Prince. It is early in the States- most of you are grabbing your morning coffee and thinking about where to watch the Conference Championship games today. I am sitting in the command center and Katie is sleeping. She pulled an all-nighter in the command center and I kindly relieved her so she could sleep.

Haitians are starting church- I can hear their songs right now. Shouts of Hallelujah are echoing over our campus from the church next door. I am hoping that today is a slow day in the relief effort. I know there is much to do, but I can see the signs of stress on campus. People who have been slow to anger are starting to be quick with a rebuke. Who can blame them? It has been 12 days since the earthquake A lot of people are running on 12 consecutive days of 3- 5 hours of sleep, and eventually that catches up with you.

Sitting after church today I thought about a question someone asked me. When I went to the DR, a woman on the team I picked up asked me if I thought that the devil knew he was defeated in Haiti? This woman clearly has not seen enough dead bodies, food riots, looting and general devastation to know that right now evil is alive and well in Haiti. During the church service at our campus, we sang in French the hymn (I wish Brian was with me to feed me the rest of the words) says "This is my story, this is my song". I sang in English jumping in when I could one white voice in a sea of French-Creole.  During the sermon from Jer 29:11 I understood a few words. I understood that they were saying, "Thank you Savior, Thank you Savior!"

JT English would say that Haiti will be fully restored one day when everything is made perfect, and I agree. So my answer to that woman is that the battle still rages for Haiti. Evil is not defeated here yet. To declare victory now would mean that we could say there is no more work for us to do and if you have read this blog in the last 12 days you would know that there is plenty to do. Check out to donate to the relief fund, find a work group that is coming to Haiti in the coming months and pour your sweat into the country. If you want to declare victory over a place you have to be part of the effort.



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  2. Ben,
    What a wonderful thought of the sounds of Hallelujahs from those beloved people! Thank you for sharing!

    And, for what it's worth :), here's my take on that comment the lady made ...
    Some questions are best answered by "yes AND no." I have had to learn to live in some paradoxes of truth as God has shifted me and grown me in my relationship with him, and this is one of those for me. Yes, Satan was defeated the moment Christ died and conquered death, but NO evil is not gone from the earth yet. There is still so much suffering - from the Haitians and other third world situations to people in my neighborhood consumed by debt or addicted to drugs. Evil seems to reign.

    In the midst of this broken, BROKEN world, we have to claim and proclaim Truth and Good where we find it, acknowledge and rely on the Power of Christ's Name, and be moved wherever he takes us by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And it's so much easier said (and typed) than done!

    May we all be sensitive to the Spirit's nudgings and act and obey, so people may come to know Him and bring glory to His Name because of our love! May we continue to love and serve the people of Haiti, helping them to live, to heal, to hope, to rebuild and reorganize, for years to come - long after Anderson and Dr. Gupta return home and stop reporting.

    For it is continual acts of LOVE that drive evil from this world. And THAT is what you two are doing right now! We lift you up and give thanks for you!

    Love you both!
    Kim :)

  3. Praying for you both. Elle is lying on the couch at our house tonight. It's Friday and we are awaiting a snow storm here in Virginia. Elle is moaning because she just ran 24 miles in freezing weather. She's training for a 50K to run Feb 13th. Callie Jackson will come from TX to run with her. I think they are crazy. About as crazy as Katie and Ben......



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